The safest and most powerful LinkedIn automation software and CRM


  • Grow your network

    Automatically invite targeted 2nd & 3rd level contacts with a personal note

  • Build smart message chains

    Auto-responder to newly added connections and drip campaigns for chain messaging with reply detection

  • LinkedIn lead generation on steroids

    Dozens of features and tools for Linkedin, Sales Navigator and Recruiter automation

  • Save contacts to built-in CRM or export into CSV file

    Manage your Linkedin connections and lead funnel with a convenient CRM system


Linked Helper 2 at a Glance

We are a top-rated application with 5-star ratings and 90 000+ users

Safety of your LinkedIn account. Linked Helper 2 remains the safest tool for LinkedIn automation as it is a web-browser (not a Chrome extension) that does not embed its code into LinkedIn page. It does not call LinkedIn API unlike most cloud-based tools.

5 stars

In 4 years' time our app earned and retained the highest rating

4 years

We've been helping our clients achieve their goals on LinkedIn

To serve all purposes of LinkedIn automation from warming-up leads to inviting and smart-messaging

90 000 users

Who trust us and see the proven value of LinkedIn automation

New Experience with Linked Helper 2

The second version of Linked Helper is a standalone application or a smart web-browser (not a Chrome extension as was the first version) with built-in CRM system for productive and safe LinkedIn automation

Linked Helper Reviews

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Drip campaign experience

Arrange your lead generation processes in LinkedIn into campaigns with easily manageable workflow. Whether you want to start visiting profiles and move on to inviting them or build message chains to 1st connections, you will see and control each step of your funnel.

Linked Helper CRM

All processed contacts are stored in the internal CRM. View history of contacts through all your campaigns. Search by tags and add notes.

Linked Helper CRM is very useful even when you interact with contacts manually: when you visit a profile within LinkedIn, Sales Navigator or Recruiter on the left panel of Linked Helper window you will see tags and notes for the current profile ...or you can go to the profile card within LH CRM to check history of automated interactions with it, add custom fields or add it to a new automated LH campaign.

Why Linked Helper?

We offer a full range of features to streamline lead generation and sales outreach in LinkedIn

Profiles Auto-Visitor
Visit and follow targeted profiles to get follow-backs
Profiles Auto-Follower
Follow targeted profiles to get more engagement
Invite 2nd & 3rd level contacts
Invite targeted connections to join your network
Message to 1st connections | Group members
Send personalized messages with custom images attached
Endorse my contacts
Endorse skills to get endorsement in return
Invite person to event
Share memorable events with your 1-st connections by inviting them all simultaneously
Like and comment posts and articles
Show your interest and make yourself noticed by automatically liking and commenting on users posts and articles
Invite person by email
Invite whomever you want even if the limit is reached
Advanced Limits & Delay between actions
Set limitations for your daily activity and create custom delays between actions
Profile extractor
CSV file with 1st (with emails), 2nd & 3rd connections
Companies extractor
Extract companies into CSV file
Group inviter
Invite 1st connections to join your group
Connections remover
Remove targeted 1st level connections
Filter flow of profiles between campaign actions
Invite to follow an organization
Increase your organization’s social presence by inviting your connections to follow the page
Check for replies
Conduct regular checks to scrape and analyze the message history for the contacts in your campaign
InMail to 2-nd and 3-rd connections
Search for Open Profiles specifically and send them free (customisable) InMails
Accept invites
Automatically accept all incoming invitations

Smart replies detection

SRD ensures that no contact gets a wrongful automatic Linkedin message: if he or she replies with something, the campaign will stop for them

Our clients

We developed a universal tool that suits both personal and professional goals, companies and individuals

Lead Generation Agencies
Sales Team

Companies who trust us

Supported platforms

Linked Helper supports Free Linkedin, Linkedin Premium, Sales Navigator and Recruiter (including the Lite version)




Sales Navigator



All Features

Our application is suitable for individuals, small teams and organizations

Invite & Follow-up 2nd and 3rd-connections

Easiest and simplest way to grow your professional network. Automatically send invitations, even when the LinkedIn weekly limit is reached - Linked Helper has several ways to by pass the limit! Automatically follow up with a personal message once an invitation was accepted.

Invite connections by email

A lot of LinkedIn users claimed they got "You've reached weekly invitation limit" popup every week after about 100 invites. One of good ways to by pass this limit is invite people by importing their emails into LinkedIn. Linked Helper can do that for you. Totally secure and undetectable.

Create professional and customizable message sequences

In case you need to send personalized messages to different people simultaneously, don’t waste your time sending them manually! Linked Helper allows you to create message sequences using our powerful template with standard LinkedIn profiles and custom variables or even hyper-personalized images.

Scrape message history and check for replies

Scrape messaging history into Linked Helper CRM, automatically detect replies to your previously sent messages and review them inside the program or send to your CRM, Zapier, Integromat or export as CSV file for Excel or Google Spreadsheet! Then you can decide whether you would like the profile to go further via the workflow or you’ll do the rest manually.

Powerful 3rd party integration

Linked Helper 2 can be integrated with various 3rd party systems, such as Zapier, Integromat, CRMs or Google Spreadheet. For example, you can choose profiles from Linked Helper CRM and send it via webhook with all data including messages and replies.

Visit and extract profiles

As you know, profile visits are the essential part of LinkedIn networking, that can lead to prospective business connections. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and use Linked Helper to have better chances of connecting with your 2nd and 3rd-levels. By using this feature, you can also scrape data about the visited profile!

InMails to 2nd and 3rd-level contacts

Reach out to 2nd and 3rd-level connections as easily as you do all other actions. Additionally, inside Linked Helper’s CRM you can filter out profiles with Open Links (open profiles) and send them free InMails, or reach out to the rest if you have InMail credits.

Send generic or hyper-personalized images

Use Linked Helper to craft visually pleasing and personalized messages, and with help of Uclic or attach dynamic images with a person’s details like name, position, and company. One of the best ways to get your leads’ attention!

Endorse your 1st connections in 3 different modes

Strengthen bonds with your connections by endorsing their professional skills in various modes, such as: endorsing specific skills for all your connections, first {x} number of skills, or go deep and endorse them all. Surely, they will return the favor!

Like posts and articles

Like is the easiest way to catch someone’s attention, especially on LinkedIn where users are notified about every single action. Utilize this with Linked Helper in order to increase your conversion by 25%.

Comment posts and articles

Get noticed faster with an ultimate combination of likes and comments for your selected connections. Simply create a comment template and after liking, it will automatically comment on {X} number of posts and articles.

Send messages to LinkedIn group members

Reach out to people of your interests and let them know what you have to say, without connecting. Aside from sharing your ideas, you are most likely to find out something new and grow your network. This can be extremely useful to group owners and admins.

Invite connections to follow your company page on LinkedIn

Easily-adjustable and powerful feature for those, who are managing their corporate pages. Linked Helper is not only useful in terms of network growth but also helpful for emerging and well-established businesses to build brand awareness, generate sales and hire talents.

Invite connections to your LinkedIn event or Webinar

No matter what you have planned: hosting a webinar, or attending a conference, let your closest connection know that you want them by your side. With the assistance of Linked Helper, you can automate this and quickly invite them all. Done in a few clicks.

Invite 1st connections to join a LinkedIn group

If there is a group you’d like to invite your connections to, you can then do that automatically with Linked Helper 2! It doesn’t matter if you are a group owner or not, as long as the group is open and listed, and you are the participant of the group, you can always invite your connections to join it in a matter of clicks.

Remove unwanted connections

Got too many profiles in your network who are out of your interest or do not suit the business? With Linked Helper you are always ensured to have extra space to make new meaningful business connections.

Accept received or cancel sent pending invitations

If your inbox is overflown with connection requests, let Linked Helper take care of that. A simple click can either accept all incoming invitations or cancel all outgoing pending invitations.

Profiles auto-follower

You can follow profiles you are interested in or unfollow them. This another way to increase your invitations acceptance rate or even get incomming invitations

Other Features

Safe and undetectable automation
Linked Helper 2 is a smart web-browser, which mimics real human behaviour by clicking buttons or typing messages without inserting any of its code into LinkedIn
Custom Variables for Template Editor
You can use your own variables in LH Template Editor by uploading them from CSV file or inserting them manually via LH CRM profile card
Smart action limits
You can set max allowed actions for a certain action type. For example, Invite 50 per 24 hrs, Message 300, Follow 100.
Auto-responder for LinkedIn: send messages to recently added connections
The easiest way to send follow-ups to newly added connections and skip those who replied already
Export your LinkedIn contacts to CSV file / Build targeted mailing list
Get all data about your contacts in one file and use it for further outreach by email or to import in your CRM
Tagging and auto-tagging system
Automatically add or remove tags to mark profile's status as they move through your LH campaign or manage them manually via LinkedIn profile or LH CRM
Collect contacts from many sources in Linkedin, Sales Navigator and Recruiter
Linked Helper can collect from LinkedIn, SN or Recruiter search pages, All my connections, Linkedin group members, Schools Alumni list and others
Upload Linkedin profile or organization URLs from an external file
In case you collect Linkedin profile or organization URLs you can still upload into Linked Helper for further processing
Lists Manager
List manager is a powerful tool to give your LH campaigns extra flexibility: merging lists or removing contacts who are already part of other campaigns
Get emails of 2nd & 3rd level contacts with
Linked Helper 2 has the direct integration with, so it can get emails even if they are not available on a profile page

Plans & Pricing

Unlimited Private and Enterprise Use
- account license

You can't use one license on two LinkedIn accounts simultaneously, but you can switch it between them at any moment

$15 1 month payment
$40 3 months payment
$60 6 months payment
$99 12 months payment


Linked Helper 2 will do the boring stuff, while you are doing business