Best LinkedIn cold prospecting messages: 8 examples + free tool to automate outreach

Best LinkedIn cold prospecting messages: 8 examples + free auto-tool

Margarita Servar
Margarita Servar
Content manager
Best LinkedIn cold prospecting messages: 8 examples + free tool to automate outreach

Best LinkedIn cold prospecting messages: 8 examples + free auto-tool

Margarita Servar
Margarita Servar
Content manager
Blog Leadgen tips Best LinkedIn cold prospecting messages: 8 examples + free auto-tool

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Now potential leads spend a lot more time on social media than checking emails. The fact of the matter is that lead generation in personal messages is much more effective and personalized and the average response rate to LinkedIn messages is 85%. This is several times higher than the percentage of responses to emails. Therefore, by using templates and a tool to automate messages, you can achieve much more sales.

Maximizing LinkedIn sales outreach: Personalization and in-depth client info

Perhaps even now most of your customers live on LinkedIn, this social network is a huge and main source of lead generation, especially in B2B, IT, and Healthcare. Therefore, for effective sales, you need to appear where your customers spend time and learn to speak their language. Classic approaches in sales work here, for example – it’s good to know as much as possible about a person to find the right approach. 

Since people receive a lot of spam, in order to establish a business relationship online, two methods for LinkedIn sales message outreach will help you: 

  • Knowing in-depth information about clients. Here their profile is the ideal source of data. You can investigate the latest activities, personal information, work experience that can help you strike up a conversation. 
  • Personalization. This means that the data that you find while studying target customers should definitely be used in outreach messages. However, you may face the problem that personalized outreach can take a lot of time and may not always be justified. 

In order for your message to reach the heart of a customer and make them want to read it, use two immutable outreach rules for 2022 – targeting and personalization. With Linked Helper automation, you can select exactly those target groups that will be most effective for selling online. It’s simple to collect groups of users by niche and use the internal LinkedIn filters. After that with the help of automation, you can set up personalized messages where variable lines will be applied – the user’s name, their job title, and mentioning mutual connections make the template human-like. Thanks to this, you will be able to get a much higher response rate and positively influence customers.

LinkedIn prospecting messages template

Linked Helper allows you to customize messages as much as possible depending on the presence/absence of certain variables using “If–Then–Else” functions. It is also possible to add custom variables where you can specify actual information. Explore the full instructions about creating custom messages:

You can use a plan like this to automate messages:

  • First collect information about potential customers.
  • Prepare one or more message templates.

Based on the template and the collected information, add custom variables to the CSV file. For example, info about the company {cs_company_data}, info about the post {cs_lead’s_post}, and reaction to these posts {cs_lead_post_reaction}.

  • Upload it all to Linked Helper. After that, the software itself will send automatic and deeply personalized messages without the need to do it manually.

The upside of this strategy is that, since research is essential for a successful sales/marketing campaign, we combine 2 steps in one: research and data preparation for custom variables. You save time messaging with Linked Helper.

Example of composing messages with “If-Then-Else” logic operators:

Best LinkedIn cold prospecting messages examples

Therefore, using the Linked Helper tool, you can collect aggregated data for various audience groups and automate communication with potential customers. At the same time, it will be personalized and occur to a greater extent without your participation, since you can pre-plan a chain of targeted actions for the software. Next, we will dive deeper into the main steps for prospecting on LinkedIn via automated messages, helping to fine-tune communication with potential customers.

Just as marketers can automate the email newsletter, you can automate your communication with potential customers through a message on LinkedIn. It is a versatile way of connecting for recruiters and salespeople – they can get in touch with senior professionals or B2B customers and partner with the professional circle on LinkedIn.

Let’s take a look at the LinkedIn sales message templates – they make a good example you may need for sales and engagement growth – just adapt them for each target group and industry. We also advise you to use personal information for the most essential clients – this information is indicated in the text sections on their accounts. Include several lines in your pitch to highlight deep research so a person reads the message and wants to answer you.

8 LinkedIn prospecting messages template examples for sales and engagement

Template # 1 – Thank them for the content

When you submit a contact request, use this trick to let the prospect know that you are paying attention to their activity. Indicate this in your pitch – people love it when others adore their content.

Good afternoon (name). I’ve recently read your post about (specify which one). Thanks for this helpful information and I also believe that (share your personal opinion). You may dive deeper into the topic (insert specifically the theme) at (share a useful source). Let’s keep in touch – I think we can be helpful. Have a good day!

After researching and introducing custom variables, the message will look like this in Linked Helper:

Good afternoon {firstName}. I’ve recently read your post about {cs_lead’s_post}. Thanks for this helpful information and I also believe that {cs_lead_post_reaction}. You may dive deeper into the topic of  marketing strategies at . Let’s keep in touch – I think we can be helpful to each other. Have a good day!

Best cold LinkedIn messages

Variables do not need to be entered manually. Just click on them to paste text.

Lifehack: In Linked Helper, you can schedule actions one by one in a clear sequence. For example, first a connection request, then a message and interaction with their content. You won’t need to spend a lot of time online because the tool will do all the work for you.

Template # 2 – Communication through mutual acquaintances

Hello (name). I see that we have mutual contacts – (mentions names of these people). I thought it wouldn’t hurt to get connected. Let’s get in touch to benefit each other.

In this example, we cannot be sure that the values of the variables will be found in the Linked Helper database. Unlike custom variables, in which we add values ourselves (for example, from a CSV file).

Linked Helper provides a solution for this task: “If-Then-Else” functions.

The logic of this feature: IF the variable is found, the software sends data from the specified string (THEN). If the variable is not found, software replaces this line (ELSE).

After preparing the info and custom ones, the versions of the message will look like this in Linked Helper:

Hello {firstName},

I noticed we have {mutualTotal} mutual connections and thought it wouldn’t hurt to get connected. Let’s get in touch to benefit each other.


It seems we both know {mutualSecondFullName}, and I thought it would be nice to get connected. Let’s get in touch to benefit each other.


{mutualFirstFullName} is our common connection, so it probably isn’t a bad idea to get connected as well. Let’s get in touch to benefit each other.


I recently noticed your profile in the “people you may know” section. It seems we do not have any mutual connections yet, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to get connected. Let’s get in touch to benefit each other.

Best LinkedIn cold prospecting messages

Simple explanation:

  1. If we have two or more mutual connections and {mutualTotal} variable can be scraped, then Linked Helper sends message #1.
  2. If we have two or more mutual connections BUT {mutualTotal} variable is not found for some reason, then Linked Helper sends message #2 (and {mutualSecondFullName} variable is definitely scraped as we checked that in IF state).
  3. If we have only one mutual connection, then Linked Helper sends message #3.

If we don’t have any mutual connections then Linked Helper sends message #4.

Conveniently, you don’t have to manually copy the names of mutual acquaintances. You would probably spend a lot of time on this. Instead, use the variables in the Template Editor – a smart tool that will substitute the necessary names of one or two common contacts – and/or the industry niche the lead works in.

Template # 3 – Admit their expertise

If you want to add to your contacts a person who is popular on LinkedIn or holds a high position – say so. If you emphasize expertise and indicate that you want to receive advice in your professional field, the person will very likely respond.

Hello (name). I searched for experts in (specify your niche) and found you at the top of the SERPs. I see that you have impressive work experience, so I would be glad to stay in touch.

IMPORTANT: the industry is not parsed in the regular LinkedIn service, but only in the Sales Navigator. You can use the custom variable {cs_your_niche} instead of the industry.

Hello {firstName}. I searched for experts in the {industry} industry and found you at the top of the SERPs. I see that you have impressive work experience, so I would be glad to get in touch.

Best LinkedIn cold prospecting messages

Lifehack: In Linked Helper you can collect a list of profiles that are at the top of the search results and send them bulk messages. This will allow you to quickly connect with experts by using the same template, but different variables for personalization.

Template # 4 – For sales

Sales messages are tricky – they may easily scare away strangers. Therefore, it is better to drive attention to your profile through the target interactions – put likes, send comments, and invite potential leads to your organization’s page. After that, you can present the services of your company that are relevant to this lead.

For a competent presentation, you need market analysis, competitor analysis, and leads’ profile data. You can collect the database by using Linked Helper – the extracted profiles of people or companies will be saved in the CRM or can be scraped into a spreadsheet.

Hello (Name).
I’ve heard a lot about your company (add specific data from research).

We know how to help you with (specify your service). According to statistics, our past clients (indicate measurable data, how you helped similar companies or people). Would you be interested in this? You can find out more about our services on my profile – feel free to ask any questions.

After collecting data and custom variables, your message will look like this:

Hello  {firstName}. I’ve heard a lot about your company {cs_company_data}.

We know how to help you with sales workflow and CRM. According to statistics, our past clients increased their conversion rate up to 19% due to optimized lead management. Would you be interested in this? You can find out more about our services on my profile – feel free to ask any questions.

Template # 5 – Free valuable content

In a situation where there is too much content, its value diminishes. If you can offer strategic data – research, a helpful blog post, a set of templates, or graphics – prospects will appreciate it.

Hi (Name),
I see that we both are working in (indicate general area). I think the attached ( article, research, template set) might assist you. Here you can investigate up-to-date (specify the topic of the material with an emphasis on value) – we were able to double the effectiveness of our marketing strategy using these methods (insert why this content has worked for you).

Here is the link – (insert the link to the material).

Hope this helps you. Enjoy reading!

This message is a kind of lead magnet for direct sales through messages.

Template # 6 – Follow-up

Be sure to use repeated messages if you are not answered on the first. People may simply not notice your message or not know what to answer at that moment. And they may forget to reply later.

Good afternoon (Name). Probably you were probably busy and a lot of people are writing to you here. I would like to discuss (remind them what the first message was about). I’m sure it can help you (provide a link to useful information). Let me know when you are ready to discuss it here or by phone.

By the way: The optimal length of messages on LinkedIn (based on their own research) is no more than 400 characters. This format gets the highest response rates, so you shouldn’t write an epic poem, especially for unfamiliar contacts.

Template # 7 – Gain feedback from past clients

The Recommendations section can dramatically increase the chances of someone reaching out to you – social approval and positive feedback are the keys to online sales. Therefore, connecting with past customers and applying this template will definitely increase conversions in the future.

Hello (Name). I appreciate our cooperation and hope you do also. I would be grateful if you would like to leave feedback on our work in the Recommendations. It will help us improve our businesses and assist more people. I will gladly leave you a review in return.

(Paste a link to write a recommendation.)

Template # 8 – Invitation to an event/webinar

best cold LinkedIn messages

Hello (Name). We are colleagues in (indicate area) so I know how vital these secret tips will be for (Indicate unique useful information that will solve a person’s pain. For example, 10 techniques for attracting followers who are ready to buy from you). In just X hours, you will learn everything that will help you increase your sales (paste your event value).

(Date. Time. Link to registration.)

Hurry up to get exclusive bonuses for members:

(Free templates
Live Question & Answer session
Discount on …)

Hope to see you – only (indicate the time limit) is left until the end of the registration.

Lifehack: In Linked Helper, you can send invitations to events automatically. Further, it will be convenient for you to set up subsequent communication with these lists of users.

How do you find leads for subsequent connections?

  • Select target groups & audience segments

If you want to make a successful connection with potential prospects, you need to target industry or specific professionals. This is best done through the Linked Helper, since logging into LinkedIn you can use all the internal filters – and sort people by keywords, positions, regions, and use advanced filters of the Premium and Sales Navigator. Provided that you have a paid LinkedIn subscription. 

Then you can extract all the data and save it directly to the CRM or download it from the CRM in the form of a spreadsheet. Next, you will assign a message to specific user groups.

  • Build interactions before communication

If you immediately send a presentation and links to your product, then perhaps prospects will be scared away. Therefore, for potential customers to have the opportunity to explore your profile, it is better to set up interaction with target groups before contacting them in private messages. For example, you can put unobtrusive likes, leave comments, and invite to thematic groups. All these actions can warm up the ground before you move on to the conversation since a person may already have an interest and perhaps they will also monitor your personal account, group, or company profile. In Linked Helper, you can set up absolutely all actions and assign them a sequence – the tool will perform them automatically with the user lists.

automated interactions before prospecting on LinkedIn messages

  • Double hit a LinkedIn cold outreach message via email

Some people may not take private messages on LinkedIn seriously, and in any case communication in messages combined with e-mail will bring more results than just one source. This two-pronged approach is simplified by the fact that with Linked Helper you can extract the email that the user indicates in their LinkedIn profile. If you go to each profile and search for email manually, this action can take you tens of hours. Linked Helper can configure the search and aggregation of emails by target users to transfer them to the service for cold mailing. Or you may take advantage of the integration with – the service to run email campaigns. 

automated too to find emails for prospecting on LinkedIn messages

Best cold LinkedIn messages automation: 3 steps to win clients with a free tool in 14 days

Step # 1 – Download free Linked Helper desktop

Go through a quick registration and install the tool on your computer. You can research all the possibilities of the service for free for 14 days – during this time, your LinkedIn marketing will become more effective.

Step # 2 – Search for targeted leads

Start with the Visit & Extract Profiles action. This function will help you:

  • Study the market and competitors around the world.
  • Collect the required contact information.
  • Collect emails (in the LH Email Finder or when integrating with
  • Collect a database of leads with contact information and profile data.

Step # 3 – Set up further actions

After the list of target users is in the Queue list, assign what the software should do with these users. You can set custom pauses between actions. For instance:

  • Visit profile.
  • Put [number] likes.
  • Delay between actions (1 day).
  • Leave [number] comments.
  • Delay between actions (12 hours).
  • Invite to an event or group.
  • Write a welcome message.
  • Check for replies action with 3 days delay.

Match these steps to your outreach pipeline and optimize for each customer segment. Soon you will see the results, and the software will amass all responses from customers in a standalone section. You can also download the message history for marketing analysis. Download Linked Helper – the most reliable assistant for B2B marketing & sales growth.

Tips to get a better response rate when prospecting on LinkedIn

  • Ask several closed-ended questions.

Since a message on LinkedIn, as opposed to an email, should be short (we will consider the best length in the next paragraph), you may try to attract additional attention by asking a few questions. The trick is, if you ask an open question the receiver may not be able to immediately answer you, and as a result may forget to answer at all. Therefore, ask questions that can be answered yes or no, and you will likely receive a reply to further establish communication. LinkedIn messages are not like sales on the phone or in the store where open questions are a salesy trick helping to get the needs of a target client.

  • Experiment with videos in messages. 

In a world where information appears and disappears so quickly in huge quantities, it is better to see it once than to read it. So attach videos in messages or you can also use images.

Conveniently, Linked Helper allows users to create templates with visuals. But to add videos you need to use a link to YouTube or similar sites.

Based on research, sales managers assert that the use of video leads to a 70% increase in response rate. It is not worth attaching long videos; for sure no one will watch them – the optimal duration is 15–20 seconds.

  • Short messages get better response rates.

If you want to get an answer as soon as possible, then practice concise thoughts. The optimal length of a message on LinkedIn is 200–400 characters since this format gets 16% more responses when compared to longer messages. Longer formats may be needed for describing details, but you don’t have to do this in just the first messages. It’s essential to arouse interest and show interest in the interlocutor, and for this purpose, a short message is sufficient.

Also, you shouldn’t ever write more than 1,400 characters in a message, as such bulky texts are opened 41% fewer times than shorter messages.

  • The day of the week affects the response rates.

To catch potential customers at the right time and the right hour, avoid contacting them on Saturday. On weekends, especially on Sunday, people probably will not check the incoming messages on the professional network. Most often, users view and reply to such messages during the work day. Therefore, we advise you to schedule the sending of messages on weekdays and you can easily do this using the Linked Helper. Since you specify in advance what day and time you want the message to be sent.

  • Bulk and non-personal messages perform 20% worse. 

If you want to increase the chances that your message will be read, you must demonstrate a personal approach from the very first lines. This means that by using the name of a person, their position, and mutual acquaintances, you can immediately grab attention. With the help of Linked Helper, you can personalize these lines automatically – that is, the tool will substitute lines in the template with the required data. 

  • Create custom personalization. 

To avoid stereotyped phrases and demonstrate an interest in a person, study carefully what is written in their profile. Especially if it is a strategic and large client, a CEO, or a founder. To interest this person, they must feel that you have carefully studied what is written in the summary section. 

automated too to find emails for prospecting on LinkedIn messages

Lifehack: After collecting the necessary profiles, you can download the database with the profile descriptions sorted by columns. The bio will be saved in the spreadsheet. Thanks to this, you can create texts for pitches in the next column where you will mention exactly the data that is indicated for each user in the bio column. This is the easiest way to personalize bulk outreach for a vital audience segment.

To sum up, using the necessary tool and sequence of actions – searching for potential customers, setting up interactions with their profiles, and in the preparation for personalized pitching, you will be able to achieve an increased level of message opening and, therefore, sales. Install Linked Helper and use it for 14 days free – your target clients and messages will be save in the automated CRM.

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