How to Use Hashtags on LinkedIn: The Ultimate 2024 Guide to Grow

How to Use Hashtags on LinkedIn: The Ultimate 2024 Guide to Grow

LinkedIn hashtags act as content labels, enhancing visibility and engagement by attracting views, clicks, and connections.  While the algorithm primarily relies on keywords for search, hashtags for your LinkedIn post, especially those related to specific topics, serve as effective search filters.

Think of it this way: Your profile and posts without hashtags are akin to a new website created without any keywords. It loses out on organic views from those actively seeking to find it!

For optimal visibility, it is advisable to use up to three hashtags per post. Let’s find out how  hashtags work on LinkedIn in 2024. 

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Key takeaways

  • Hashtags offer a cost-free way to organically amplify your content beyond your immediate connections. They play a crucial role in content segmentation and keyword optimization.
  • Rather than relying on popular LinkedIn hashtags, it’s more effective to choose tags closely aligned with your specific niche. To achieve this, conduct research on top posts in your industry, leverage tag generation tools, and curate your unique tag collections.
  • Using hashtags on LinkedIn extends beyond posts; you can strategically incorporate them into your profile. This includes adding tags to your headline and summary, and highlighting topics you frequently engage with. This optimization tailors your profile for increased visibility in LinkedIn searches and other search engines.
  • You may add “Talks about” hashtags on your LinkedIn profile. It helps to enhance your LinkedIn profile by incorporating up to five relevant hashtags. This ensures that your key topics are prominently featured beneath your headline in search results.

Top LinkedIn hashtags: Why should you use them? 

Imagine crafting a distinctive post enriched with thorough research, compelling statistics, and insightful infographics within a niche, let’s say commercial real estate leasing. Your desire is for this masterpiece to be seen by as many people as possible—shared, commented on, and engaged with. 

Without hashtags, your post is limited to your immediate circle and their connections, contingent on comments or interactions. However, by incorporating hashtags, you significantly amplify your reach. Why? 

Because anyone searching or following that particular tag will encounter your content in their feed. In this scenario, the value of your post becomes accessible to a larger and more targeted audience.

linkedin publisher hashtag in the search menu
LinkedIn finds posts with hashtags based on your keywords in the search bar

When it comes to expanding your reach, we all yearn to decipher the mysteries of algorithms. Yet, there’s no perfect formula for using hashtags, and results may vary across different social media platforms.

Why are hashtags valuable? 

Elevated Visibility: Hashtags extend the reach of your posts, exposing them to a wider audience beyond your connections.

Content Organization: Hashtags categorize your content, simplifying the process for users interested in specific topics to discover and engage with your posts.

Community Interaction: LinkedIn users can follow hashtags, forming communities around shared interests. Utilizing relevant hashtags connects you with these communities and encourages interaction.

Trend Engagement: Incorporating trending hashtags can elevate the visibility of your content, especially if it aligns with popular topics. This can lead to increased views and engagement.

Content Virality: Crafting posts with trending hashtags may result in heightened visibility and potential virality, particularly if your content resonates with an audience.

Pro LinkedIn hashtag research in 2024

How to find trending hashtags on LinkedIn 

Internal LinkedIn hashtag search has certain limitations. It predominantly highlights individuals discussing specific hashtags rather than offering extensive hashtag analytics.

To find the most popular hashtags on LinkedIn use:

  • Analyze Successful Posts

Examine successful posts within your industry that have garnered high engagement. Identify the hashtags used in these posts to understand which ones are currently popular in your niche.

  • Explore Industry-specific Groups and Forums

Check LinkedIn groups, forums, and other social media platforms related to your industry for inspiration on trending hashtags.

  • Followed Hashtags Feature

Use the “Followed Hashtags” feature on LinkedIn to see the full list of hashtags you are currently following. Click on a hashtag to view the number of followers it has, providing insights into its popularity.

Followed Hashtags feature on LinkedIn
To see hashtags that you follow on LinkedIn, proceed to “My Network” and you will find them under “Manage my network.”
  • Third-Party Tools for Hashtag Generation

Explore third-party tools to generate hashtags by inputting keywords and target audience. Analyze hashtag analytics and other relevant data to refine your hashtag strategy. For example, you could use a free tool from Hootsuite: 

free tool from Hootsuite to generate hashatgs
A free hashtag-generating tool from Hootsuite
hashtags for linkedin results in the hootsuite generator
You will get a copyable LinkedIn hashtags set in seconds

You will find more examples of these tools further in this article. 


to get tips you are interested in

How to use the LinkedIn search menu for hashtags discovery

Find people via hashtags

To conduct hashtag research, you can leverage the integrated Search menu and filters. When searching for people, take note of the “Talks about” section in the results. Here, you’ll find individuals who use the searched hashtag in their content. 

This feature provides insights into the conversations and topics associated with the hashtag, helping you gauge its relevance and potential reach within the LinkedIn community.

LinkedIn hashtag research - sort people by hashtags - talks about
Sort people by topics containing the desired hashtag.

Find posts via hashtags

If you’re looking to find posts on a specific topic and discover the tags people use for that theme, you can enter a keyword into the search bar and select “Posts.”

 For example, if you’re exploring the topic of publishing, you may notice that there isn’t a specific hashtag for it. However, by examining the posts, you can identify related tags and uncover other ideas and semantic tag groups. 

In this case, you might discover more niche tags such as “selfpublish” or “authoraccelerator,” which you may not have thought of on your own. This approach broadens your understanding of the conversation surrounding the topic and unveils potentially overlooked tags that can enhance your content visibility.

linkedIn hashtag research - sort posts by keyword and hashtags
Sort posts containing the desired hashtag by publication time.

Additionally, in the screenshot above, you can observe that LinkedIn provides the option to sort these search results. You can choose to view posts exclusively from your connections, the most recent ones from the last 24 hours, or those from the past week. 

This sorting feature allows you to tailor your exploration, focusing on content from specific subsets or timeframes, providing a more customized and relevant search experience.

Top tools to find LinkedIn hashtags

 This list will undoubtedly assist users in navigating the limitations of hashtag research on the platform.

  • Mention offers a free AI-based LinkedIn Hashtag Generator for finding relevant and popular hashtags quickly.
  • Engage AI provides a Chrome extension for LinkedIn hashtag analytics, helping users optimize hashtag usage. Hashtag Analytics by Engage AI on the Chrome Web Store helps discover, leverage, and monitor trending LinkedIn hashtags.
LinkedIn hashtag research - Engage AI Analytics search screenshot
The Engage AI extension shows the number of tag followers, likes, and comments
  • Hootsuite’s LinkedIn Hashtag Analytics tool estimates post reach based on followers, likes, and comments.
  • LazyApply and OneUp also provide free LinkedIn Hashtag Generators.
LinkedIn hashtag research - Lazy Apply AI Analytics search screenshot
The service LazyApply has a limit of 3 per day on free tag searches.
LinkedIn hashtag research - OneUp search screenshot
The service OneUp offers a generator where you can enter location and target audience.
  • Webmatrices offers a free online tool for generating LinkedIn hashtags.

How to add hashtags to a LinkedIn profile

Elevating your post’s visibility in search results is a breeze! Simply hit the hash “#” symbol and input your keyword. The social network recognizes it as a hashtag, seamlessly integrating your post into search outcomes. On LinkedIn, hashtags stand out in a vibrant blue hue, inviting users to click and explore related content with a simple tap.

How to add hashtags to LinkedIn profile - example
Clicking on LinkedIn tags takes you to the tag page where you can see the number of followers.

Key Considerations

Hashtag Engagement

Similar to how general content is evaluated, the algorithm closely examines the engagement levels on posts featuring specific hashtags. Opting for hashtags that are not only popular but frequently interacted with can significantly amplify the visibility of your post.

Relevance of Hashtags

Choosing hashtags wisely is paramount. Using generic or overly popular hashtags may result in your content becoming a needle lost in a haystack of posts. Opt for hashtags that are not only popular but highly relevant to your content.

How many hashtags to use on LinkedIn 

You can use up to 30 tags. Some suggest not to overload posts with hashtags and use 3-5 hashtags. But in practice, even a set of 30 tags won’t signal spam to the algorithm. The main thing you can do is use a mix of different levels of tags. For example, choose 3-5 broad and popular tags, 5-10 more niche tags, and 10-15 very specific tags with less competition in terms of post quantity.

For example, in B2B marketing, your set may look like this: 

Broad Tags:

  1. #BusinessStrategy
  2. #B2BMarketing
  3. #EnterpriseSolutions
  4. #IndustryInsights
  5. #ProfessionalDevelopment

Niche Tags:

  1. #SaaSIntegration
  2. #SupplyChainOptimization
  3. #TechInnovation
  4. #FinancialAnalytics
  5. #EcoFriendlyTech

Very Specific Tags:

  1. #BlockchainInBusiness
  2. #AIforB2B
  3. #GreenTechLeaders
  4. #ManufacturingAutomation
  5. #CybersecurityInB2B

Remember to adapt the tags based on your specific content and industry focus.

Strategic Placement of Hashtags

Don’t confine your hashtag strategy to posts alone; consider integrating them into other sections of your profile. This not only enhances your profile’s discoverability in searches but also positions you in front of individuals actively seeking discussions on specific topics—driving targeted traffic to your account.

Headline Optimization

Enhance the discoverability of your profile by incorporating relevant hashtags into your headline. Employ keywords tied to your niche or industry, providing a boost to your overall visibility. For further insights, delve into an article guiding you on crafting a headline optimized for indexing.

Note: LinkedIn recommends limiting hashtags in your headline to three for optimal impact.

Summary Enrichment

Infuse your summary with hashtags to facilitate the ease with which potential clients or employers can find you. Align these hashtags with your skills, expertise, or industry to foster targeted discovery.

Experience Section Enhancement

Elevate the visibility of your skills and expertise by integrating hashtags into the experience section. Opt for relevant hashtags corresponding to your job title, industry, or niche to amplify your professional presence.

Education Section Insight

Showcase your academic achievements by incorporating hashtags into the education section. Choose hashtags relevant to your field of study or industry, providing additional context to your educational background.

Skills Section Amplification

Maximize the visibility of your expertise by strategically adding hashtags to the skills section. Opt for hashtags that align with your skills or industry, creating a more robust representation of your professional strengths.

How to add “Talks about” hashtags on LinkedIn

In LinkedIn’s Creator Mode, you have the power to augment your profile by adding hashtags that reflect the topics you’re renowned for. This strategic move not only enhances your headline but also exposes key themes directly from the search results page, where your competitors abound.

Talks about hashtags on LinkedIn - example
“Talks about” tags are visible from the search page under the headline

Сurious about the process? Follow these steps:

  • Activate Creator Mode by visiting the Resources section and following LinkedIn’s instructions.
  • Click on the Resources section in Creator Mode to access the control menu.
“Talks about” hashtags on LinkedIn - Creator Mode.
“Talks about” tags are available in Creator Mode.
  • Here, input the topics – these keywords will manifest as hashtags, representing the subjects you frequently discuss.
Talks about hashtags on LinkedIn - Creator Mode - add topics
You can add up to 5 tags that will be visible on your profile.

Once completed, your profile will feature these tags, visible to those searching for relevant content. 

Talks about hashtags on LinkedIn - Creator Mode - add topics.
After successfully adding a topic, it appears as a green hashtag.

Moreover, your profile gains the opportunity to surface in LinkedIn’s primary search results under the designated hashtag. This not only broadens your visibility but also positions you as a prominent figure within your discussed topics.

Talks about hashtags on LinkedIn - Creator Mode - search engine results
This is how your profile may appear in search results after adding topics

How to follow hashtags on LinkedIn

If staying abreast of the latest content in your niche is crucial, subscribing to hashtags is a game-changer. This approach not only fuels your content ideas but also keeps you informed on industry updates.

How to follow hashtags on LinkedIn
On the tag’s page, you can subscribe to it to see the latest posts.

Here’s how you can seamlessly integrate this into your LinkedIn routine:

  1. Locate a post featuring clickable hashtags – they’ll be highlighted in a vibrant blue hue.
  2. Click on the hashtag to access the hashtag page, revealing the number of followers and indicating its popularity.
  3. Hit the “Follow” button.

After this, your account will display a comprehensive list of all the hashtags you’ve subscribed to in the “Followed Hashtags” section. This streamlined process ensures that your feed is curated with the most relevant and current content in your chosen niche.

How to follow hashtags on LinkedIn - followed hashtags on LinkedIn
On the page after subscribing, you can see all the tags you are following

180+ LinkedIn trending hashtags: lists to copy and paste

Most popular hashtags on LinkedIn

​​LinkedIn’s most popular hashtags can vary, but as of now, some widely used ones include:

  • #LinkedInTips – Offers advice on maximizing LinkedIn usage.
  • #BusinessLeadership – Focuses on leadership insights and strategies.
  • #CareerDevelopment – Covers professional growth and skill enhancement.
  • #Networking – Emphasizes the importance of building professional connections.
  • #JobSeekers – Used by those seeking employment opportunities.
  • #DigitalMarketing – Highlights trends and strategies in digital marketing.
  • #ProfessionalDevelopment – Focuses on continuous learning and growth.

Most followed hashtags on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s most followed hashtags constantly evolve, reflecting trending topics and user interests. As of 2023-2024, some prominent ones include:

The most followed hashtag on LinkedIn is India
The most followed hashtag on LinkedIn counts over 66 million followers
  1. #India – 67.6 million followers
  2. #Innovation – 38.8 million followers
  3. #Management – 36 million followers
  4. #HumanResources 
  5. #Job
  6. #Jobsearch 
  7. #Jobopening 
  8. #Jobposting 
  9. #HR 
  10. #Recruitment 
  11. #Recruiting 
  12. #LinkedIn
  13. #Hiring

Note: Actual follower counts may vary and it’s recommended to check LinkedIn for real-time statistics.

150 Best hashtags for LinkedIn in different niches

20 Hashtags for managers

  1. #ManagerLife
  2. #LeadershipMatters
  3. #ManagementTips
  4. #ProfessionalGrowth
  5. #ManagerMindset
  6. #CareerAdvice
  7. #ManagementSkills
  8. #TeamBuilding
  9. #WorkLifeBalance
  10. #LeadershipDevelopment
  11. #ManagerGoals
  12. #NetworkingOpportunities
  13. #EffectiveCommunication
  14. #BusinessStrategy
  15. #ExecutiveLeadership
  16. #ProfessionalNetworking
  17. #ManagerialSuccess
  18. #ManagementInsights
  19. #IndustryExperts
  20. #CareerProgression

30 Job opening hashtags

We generated this list for the USA as an example. It makes sense to tie LinkedIn hashtags for new job announcements to a region where you work. You can change the location and audience in this generator:

  1. #JobOpening
  2. #USA
  3. #JobSeeker
  4. #NowHiring
  5. #USAJobs
  6. #JobSearch
  7. #CareerOpportunity
  8. #USALife
  9. #JobSeeking
  10. #EmploymentOpportunity
  11. #USAWorkforce
  12. #JobHunt
  13. #JobOpeningUSA
  14. #JobSeekerNation
  15. #DreamJob
  16. #NewJob
  17. #USACareers
  18. #JobSearchUSA
  19. #HiringNow
  20. #USAJobMarket
  21. #JobSeekerCommunity
  22. #JoinOurTeam
  23. #USAEmployment
  24. #JobSeekerGoals
  25. #USAJobListing
  26. #JobSeekerJourney
  27. #CareerGoals
  28. #USAJobAlert
  29. #JobSeekerTips
  30. #CareerSuccess

30 marketing hashtags 

You can copy and paste this set to your marketing posts on LinkedIn. 

  1. #B2BMarketing
  2. #BusinessMarketing
  3. #MarketingStrategy
  4. #DigitalMarketing
  5. #ContentMarketing
  6. #LeadGeneration
  7. #SalesFunnel
  8. #MarketingTips
  9. #MarketingTrends
  10. #MarketingInsights
  11. #MarketingGoals
  12. #MarketingSuccess
  13. #MarketingCampaign
  14. #MarketingSolutions
  15. #MarketingConsulting
  16. #MarketingServices
  17. #MarketingAutomation
  18. #MarketingROI
  19. #MarketingMetrics
  20. #MarketingAnalytics
  21. #MarketingBudget
  22. #MarketingCollaboration
  23. #MarketingPartnerships
  24. #MarketingInnovation
  25. #MarketingTechnology
  26. #MarketingData
  27. #MarketingResearch
  28. #MarketingROI
  29. #MarketingStrategyPlanning
  30. #MarketingForB2B

30 Real estate hashtags

  1. #realestate
  2. #property
  3. #investment
  4. #housingmarket
  5. #realtor
  6. #homeownership
  7. #mortgage
  8. #realestateagent
  9. #propertymanagement
  10. #commercialrealestate
  11. #luxuryhomes
  12. #realestateinvesting
  13. #housingindustry
  14. #realestategoals
  15. #realestateexpert
  16. #realestatebroker
  17. #realestateadvice
  18. #realestateconsultant
  19. #realestatestrategy
  20. #realestateportfolio
  21. #realestatecommunity
  22. #realestateeducation
  23. #realestatecareer
  24. #realestateindustry
  25. #realestateknowledge
  26. #realestateinnovation
  27. #realestategrowth
  28. #realestateopportunities
  29. #realestateupdates
  30. #realestateinsights

30 leadership hashtags

  1. #leadership
  2. #leadershipdevelopment
  3. #leadershipskills
  4. #leadershiptraining
  5. #leadershiptips
  6. #leadershipcoaching
  7. #leadershipmindset
  8. #leadershipqualities
  9. #leadershipstyle
  10. #leadershipgoals
  11. #leadershipinspiration
  12. #leadershipsuccess
  13. #leadershipstrategy
  14. #leadershipexcellence
  15. #leadershipimpact
  16. #leadershipvision
  17. #leadershipjourney
  18. #leadershipwisdom
  19. #leadershipempowerment
  20. #leadershipmotivation
  21. #leadershipinfluence
  22. #leadershipdevelopmentprogram
  23. #leadershipcoachingprogram
  24. #leadershiptrainingprogram
  25. #leadershipconference
  26. #leadershipnetworking
  27. #leadershipthoughts
  28. #leadershiplessons
  29. #leadershipmindfulness
  30. #leadershipgrowth

30 Hiring hashtags for LinkedIn

  1. #HiringTips
  2.  #HRadvice 
  3. #JobSearchTips
  4. #CareerOpportunities 
  5. #ProfessionalDevelopment 
  6. #JobSearchSuccess
  7. #HiringGoals 
  8. #HumanResources 
  9. #JobSearchStrategy
  10. #JobSearchAdvice 
  11. #HiringSolutions 
  12. #HRBestPractices
  13. #JobSearchInsights 
  14. #HiringProcesses 
  15. #HRStrategies
  16. #JobSearchAdvice 
  17. #HiringTrends 
  18. #HRUpdates
  19. #JobSearchTips 
  20. #HiringSuccess 
  21. #HRManagement
  22. #JobSearchStrategy 
  23. #TalentAcquisition 
  24. #HRRecruiting
  25. #JobSearchAdvice 
  26. #HiringAdvice 
  27. #HRGuidance
  28. #NewJobOpportunities 
  29. #HiringNow 
  30. #HRExperts
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