How long should a LinkedIn post or message be?

LinkedIn Character Limit by Category: Full Guide for 2023

Did you know that the lifespan of a LinkedIn post is just 24 hours? That’s right, within a single day, your carefully crafted message can fade into the depths of the platform, buried under a constant influx of new content. 

But fear not, there are ways to extend the visibility of your posts beyond this standard timeframe. By optimizing your profile, engaging in group discussions, and leveraging relevant tags, you can make your content stand out and reach a wider audience. 

How many characters can be in a LinkedIn post, profile section, or message? 

In this article, we’ll explore a crucial aspect that contributes to the success of content: its length.

Key points 

  • The algorithm considers the length as a factor when evaluating the quality of content. The ideal length remains undefined, but users need to be aware of the LinkedIn post word limit in 2023 and experiment with all content forms. 
  • From real-life examples, it is evident that the first 200 characters have an impact on both the engagement with the content and the click-through rate (if you redirect to your blog). In the following section, you will discover tips and examples to craft an attention-grabbing message that hooks readers so that they click on “See more.” 
  • The most extensive form of content, articles, allows you to share texts up to 110,000 characters in length. 

Intro: What is the character limit on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn allows various types of content creation with a character limit for each. Your LinkedIn posts must be valuable. If you need to write detailed research, the platform even allows for full-length articles. The character limit for all paid plans is the same.

For Profile Status Updates (“posts”), the recently expanded limit is 3,000 characters. However, this feature is being rolled out gradually, so if you currently have a 1,300-character limit, you may need to wait for the new limit. Around 200 characters are initially visible, and readers must click to see more.

Comments on posts and messages have separate character limits, typically set at 2,000 characters each.

LinkedIn also offers the option to create longer-form posts called LinkedIn Articles. These articles have a significantly higher limit of around 110,000 characters, providing ample space for extensive discussions, insights, and storytelling.

A detailed list of LinkedIn character counts is provided in the table below (you can save it for later!).

About 2,600
Experience Title100
Experience Description2000
Publication Title250
Publication Description 2,000
Article Headline100
Article Body Text110,000
Characters before “See more”200
Connection message300
Message to connections, via events/groups8000
InMail Subject line200
InMail Body
Message Ad Subject60
Message Ad Body1000
Dynamic Ad headline100
Dynamic Ad description150
Text Ad headline25
Text Ad description75
Сharacter limit on LinkedIn for different text sections

How long should LinkedIn posts be?

Drawing insights from a recent thought-provoking LinkedIn publication, a multitude of elements exert influence on content visibility within the LinkedIn realm. These encompass significance, caliber, involvement, and timeliness. LinkedIn employs cutting-edge machine learning models to discern the deserving content for its feed, meticulously considering factors such as geographical preferences, interests, and language nuances.

  • Significance materializes through a careful analysis of user interests, job designation, industry, and other pertinent attributes.
  • Caliber is quantified by scrutinizing the content’s comment count, likes, shares, and overall reception.
  • Timeliness bears utmost significance as LinkedIn places an emphasis on fresh content to grace its users’ feeds.
  • Quality evaluation takes into account factors like LinkedIn post size, utilization of multimedia, and alignment with the user’s interests.

To maximize engagement and ensure readability, the recommended length for LinkedIn posts often falls within the range of 1,300 to 2,000 characters. However, it’s important to note that shorter posts (around 150-300 characters) can also be effective in capturing attention and encouraging interactions. 

The first 200 characters are crucial as they are the ones that catch people’s attention.

Post length can impact user attention and algorithmic visibility on LinkedIn. Longer posts may require readers to click on “See more” to view the full content, which can affect engagement rates. Users tend to have limited attention spans, and posts that are too lengthy may result in decreased engagement and lower visibility in algorithms. Therefore, it’s crucial to focus on delivering your message effectively within the initial visible portion of the post.

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Ideal LinkedIn post length: Best Practises & Examples 2023 

When it comes to maximizing the impact of your LinkedIn posts within the allowed LinkedIn word count, there are several effective strategies to consider. Here are some tips:

  • Interest begins with an irresistible opening: Use the power of crafting an attention-grabbing first sentence that arouses curiosity, entices users, and compels them to delve deeper into your post.
Ideal LinkedIn post length Example 2023 of a post about chatgpt
Here’s an attention-grabbing opening that will entice users to click on “See more”
  • Provide a concise summary: Clearly and succinctly convey the main point or key message of your post within the initial characters. This gives readers a quick overview and encourages them to engage further.
example of a brief summary or headline that complements the content of the post
Here’s an example of a brief summary or headline that complements the content of the post
  • Ask a provocative question: Set your readers’ minds in motion with a captivating query that challenges their perspectives and ignites intellectual curiosity. Unveil the enigma that lies within your post, enticing them to embark on a quest for answers, discussion, and self-reflection.
a post example with an intriguing question that entices readers to dive into the text
How about starting a post with an intriguing question that entices readers to dive into the text?
  • Elevate your post with stunning imagery: Transport your readers to a visual wonderland that not only captivates their gaze but also complements and enhances the message you wish to convey. Break through the noise of a crowded feed and leave an indelible impression with each scroll.
Example of a LinkedIn post with engaging statistics
Example of a LinkedIn post with engaging statistics
  • Format content with digestible lists: Harness the power of bullet points or numbered lists to encapsulate key insights, ensuring that your readers absorb and retain valuable information with seamless ease.
Linkedin post example with bullet points and numbered lists
Unleash the power of bullet points and numbered lists for effortlessly conveying key insights
  • Engage readers with compelling subheadings and emoji:  Guide their navigation, create anticipation, and provide a glimpse of the captivating ideas that lie within each section. Empower your readers to skim and explore while maintaining a sense of structure and coherence.
A linkedin post example of how to create readable text using emojis
An example of how to create readable text using emojis

Tip: You can utilize special services to format your text, such as making it bold, or italic, or applying other creative fonts. This will enhance readability and make it more prominent in the feed.

LinkedIn text formatter
Enhance readability and stand out in the feed with special text formatting options

Grow LinkedIn post length: share an article

LinkedIn interface for sharing an article
LinkedIn interface for sharing an article

Articles on LinkedIn are a powerful tool to showcase expertise and drive engagement. By creating longer-form content, professionals can delve deeper into topics, provide valuable insights, and establish themselves as thought leaders. LinkedIn Articles offer a unique opportunity to captivate the audience with in-depth discussions, industry trends, and personal experiences. 

example of how LinkedIn articles appear in the interface
Here is an example of how LinkedIn articles appear in the interface

With an extended post length compared to regular updates, articles can offer more value to readers and generate meaningful conversations. Engaging articles can attract a wider audience, enhance visibility, and increase the likelihood of shares and comments. Harnessing the potential of LinkedIn Articles can significantly boost engagement and expand professional reach.

LinkedIn message character limit

When it comes to direct messages on LinkedIn, there is a character limit of 8,000.

The communication format on LinkedIn is more akin to chat, so even though there is a fairly generous limit of 8,000 characters, it is still preferable to divide your thoughts into multiple shorter messages.

Additionally, shorter messages encourage the recipient to participate in the conversation by responding and sharing their thoughts. It promotes a balanced and engaging dialogue, fostering meaningful connections on the platform.

When crafting LinkedIn messages, it’s important to prioritize the quality of your content and personalize it to the recipient’s interests or experiences. 

LinkedIn connection message character limit

The character limit for personalized connection requests on LinkedIn is 300 characters. Crafting a concise yet compelling connection message is essential to make a strong impression and increase the likelihood of acceptance.

To make the most of the limited characters, focus on personalization:

  • Highlight any common interests or connections.
  • Express your purpose for connecting. 

Personalizing the message shows that you have taken the time to research and tailor your request.

Linked Helper offers a range of features to automate personalized invite messages, bulk messages, and InMails. When composing a message within the software, you will see a character counter. When crafting your main message, it is essential to make allowances for variables in length, such as names, job titles, or other personalized information. For instance, in a connection message, the main message text can be around 200 characters, leaving a buffer of 100 characters for these variables.

LinkedIn connection message character limit in linked helper example
Illustration of character limit in LinkedIn connection messages using variables in Linked Helper

LinkedIn InMail character limit 

In the realm of LinkedIn’s InMail messaging, several character limits come into play. The subject line allows for up to 200 characters, while the message body can stretch to 1,900 characters. As you craft your message, a dynamic character counter in the lower right corner of the composition box keeps you informed of your character count. It’s worth noting that brevity holds power, as shorter messages tend to elicit a higher response rate from recipients. 

During an engaging roundtable discussion within the Sales Navigator Community in April 2023, a consensus emerged not to surpass 400 characters in an InMail message. This viewpoint aligns with LinkedIn’s guidance, which underscores the effectiveness of shorter messages in generating meaningful responses. 

Notably, conference participants shared valuable advice on composing InMail messages, including: 

  • the importance of brevity
  • avoiding assumptions 
  • refraining from including event links
  • initiating a conversation by inquiring about the recipient’s interest before sharing additional information
  • optimizing readability by judiciously spacing out your text

LinkedIn headline character limit

LinkedIn headlines have a maximum character limit of 220. This concise space allows professionals to showcase their personal brand, expertise, and value proposition.

Significance: Headlines are the first thing users see when browsing profiles, making them essential for attracting attention and enticing profile views. A compelling headline can instantly convey your professional identity and pique curiosity, encouraging others to explore your profile further.


Users see the headline from the search results, and a captivating phrase can compel them to click on your profile over competitors. 

Example of a LinkedIn headline as it appears when transitioning to a profile from search results
Example of a LinkedIn headline as it appears in search results

Some utilize the full 220 allowed characters to convey their mission and optimize with relevant hashtags for SEO purposes.

Example of a LinkedIn headline as it appears when transitioning to a profile from search results
Example of a LinkedIn headline as it appears when transitioning to a profile from search results

To learn more about crafting powerful LinkedIn headlines and maximizing profile visibility, check out our blog post.

LinkedIn summary character limit

Character limits play a vital role in effectively showcasing professional expertise and achievements on LinkedIn. Here are some key limits and tips for crafting engaging summaries:

  • About (Previously called Summary): With a generous 2,600-character limit, your About section offers ample space to provide an overview of your background and aspirations. Share key accomplishments and goals concisely to capture attention and showcase your value.
  • Experience Section Position Title: Keep position titles within 100 characters, using clear and descriptive language to reflect your roles accurately.
  • Experience Section Position Description: Describe roles and responsibilities in 2,000 characters. Highlight achievements, projects, and leadership experiences to demonstrate your impact.
  • Skills (Per Skill): Each skill has an 80-character limit. Choose relevant skills that align with your goals and demonstrate your proficiency.
  • Publication Title: Use up to 250 characters to create concise, attention-grabbing titles for your published works.
  • Publication Description: Within a 2,000-character limit, summarize the content, key findings, and impact of your publications.

Learn how to craft an engaging summary in our blog post. 

LinkedIn ad character limits

LinkedIn ad character limits vary depending on the type of advertisement. Here are the character limits for different types of LinkedIn ads:

  • Text Ads: The headline can have up to 25 characters, and the description can have up to 75 characters.
  • Sponsored Content Ads: The headline can have up to 150 characters, and the body text can have up to 600 characters. A thumbnail image is also recommended.
  • Message Ads: The subject line can have up to 60 characters, and the message body can have up to 1,000 characters. It’s important to note that longer messages may be truncated.
  • Dynamic Ads: The headline can have up to 100 characters, and the description can have up to 150 characters.
  • Video Ads: Video ads on LinkedIn have a maximum duration of 30 minutes, but it’s recommended to keep them shorter for better engagement.

Learn more about LinkedIn ads

What is a LinkedIn character counter?

To count the LinkedIn word limit, you can use various online tools or features:

  • LinkedIn character counter: LinkedIn itself provides a character counter tool within its ad creation interface. It helps you track the character count in real-time as you type.
  • Third-party character counters: There are several online character counting tools available, such as or These tools allow you to paste or type your text and instantly see the character count.
What is a LinkedIn character counter example
Example of the LinkedIn character counter tool interface

By staying within the prescribed character boundaries and leveraging tools that count characters, you can guarantee that your message is effectively conveyed in your LinkedIn content without exceeding the set limits.

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