01 Feb 2024

How to write a good LinkedIn headline + 19 examples for LinkedIn

how to write a good LinkedIn headline

Every two seconds, a new person registers on LinkedIn. This means that no matter what you use the business community for, you might notice that competition for jobs or clients can be high in your niche. And getting to know you from the search page begins with your profile’s headline. So a good headline for a LinkedIn profile can literally influence your income, job opportunities, and career! 

If you are new to social networking, you may be puzzled over what to write in this short line. First of all, you can enter a search request that others might use to find you in order to monitor what your competitors include in their headlines. This analysis can really help you come up with ideas, but what to do when you see thousands of relevant competitor accounts?

Linked Helper is a tool that will help you scrape search results for your query. Instead of hours of browsing competitors, you can get thousands of titles in a narrow niche. This will be real analytics on which you can build your headline: 

  • to stand out from similar profiles
  • to add headline indexing keywords 

You can find tools like LinkedIn headline generators. They issue versions of headlines based on the inputs you provide. But in fact, a competitor analysis approach can bring you more benefits. Because such generators won’t give you an answer on what to write in the LinkedIn headline. They create headlines based on a formula and will not include SEO keywords. Also, even the smartest AI tool will not think like a human on how best to stand out from 1,000 other search results.

How to write a good LinkedIn headline in 2024

Before we start learning how to create a headline, you should understand why this particular section is important.

  1. The title is indexed. This means doing a search on LinkedIn and in search engines you can be visited based on keywords. And so it is critically important to include them in the text. This will help your page to be found by potential clients or employers because profiles in social networks are indexed at higher positions than websites.
  2. The headline is visible from the search. The first text people will see about you when scrolling through the SERP is this title. In fact, your personal slogan! If you are looking for clients through the social network, it is important to include a USP or even an offer. Because this text should motivate a person to open your profile (and read the full profile).
  3. The headline is visible when an invite is received. When you expand your network, you may think that you only have to consider the text for a message. In fact, you need to understand what people see, and you can use this headline field wisely for self-presentation and sales.
how to write a LinkedIn headline example

This field will allow you to prove that brevity is the sister of talent. You have a total of 220 characters for desktop and 240 for mobile. In this line, you need to fit the key points like in the title of a landing page for a product.

How to write LinkedIn headlines based on your mission:

  • How do you help (position or specialty)?
  • What makes you different from your competitors?

So a sample for LinkedIn headlines based on mission can be the following:

copywriter | I will create a landing page in 24 hours to help you sell 10X | 10+ years of experience

Your goal is to hook leads with value in order to motivate them to scroll through your profile to the end and read summary, reviews, and texts of your posts and articles.

Let’s look at the specific steps to create a header. They will prove that there is no need to invent an offer – you can use your analysis of competitors’ profiles as a basis.

#1 Parse & download examples with Linked Helper

LinkedIn headline ideas parse from linked helper

Sometimes a good sample of hundreds of LinkedIn headlines can give you a lot of ideas for your writing. You can browse and search for ideas through LinkedIn searches, but this activity can take many hours. On the other hand, Linked Helper can transfer thousands of headline examples to have them in front of you in a convenient way. You can immediately copy the texts from the downloaded table and create your offer based on the formulas in the examples. Imagine how much time you could spend manually copying all these examples from search results. Read how to Auto-Visit Profiles to get Look-Back.

#2 Analyze competitors in browsing results

LinkedIn headline ideas extract profiles

If you treat writing a headline as a broadcast of your mission or offer, then it is worth studying what people write who may be on the same page as you in the search results. Also, analyzing the headlines of competitors will help you highlight the keywords that you can add to your text. Through Linked Helper, you can get data on a selection of competitors. For example:

  • Download data from LinkedIn and work with it in Excel (in the column “headline”).
  • Find keywords in the table to contribute to your headline.
  • Analyze texts more effectively with the spreadsheet to stand out from competitors in the search results.
good LinkedIn headlines in Excel spreadsheet from Linked Helper

#3 Try headline generators

In some cases, you may find it helpful to have automated services come up with a headline for you. The convenience of this is that, based on the entered data, you will receive a text string which will be adapted to the character limit for this section. Also, these tools are free, so you can try this method and maybe the results will satisfy you. For example, you can try these services:

  • Resume worded. This service aims to help users adapt their resume and make it as competitive as possible. You may even get your resume evaluated. And of course, the headline plays an important role when looking for a job, because right in this line you can indicate that you are interested in offers. To get access to the generator you need to create an account in the service.
  • Copy.ai. This is a service that is based on artificial intelligence and will help you in compiling a headline. In order to see suggested ideas from AI, you must enter input data. This service can generate ideas based on what is specified in the description of your company and your position. It will offer several options and they are easy to copy. You can also customize the style of the headline – choose a formal or more casual one.
  • Linked Jetpack. On this site, you can fill in the introductory fields without registration and get options for headlines. However, you will need to enter your email address to receive headline results. The service also allows you to insert emoji to separate words. This is a convenient service because you will immediately receive text that is adapted to the character limit and contains important data. To compose the text, you will fill out a questionnaire and you can choose options or enter your ideas.

Although generators can take input and make the headline tailored to you, it still cannot take into account competitor analysis. AI-based services can use words from descriptions, templates, and headlining formulas. But only through real research can you understand how your competitors identify themselves and with whom you can be in the Recommendations section or in the search. Therefore, searching for examples and headline ideas for your profession can be done more deeply through Linked Helper parsing. 

Because your analysis does not have to be limited only to the headlines, but can also include summaries and work experience descriptions. These sections of your competitors’ profiles will also be displayed in the table that you download via the data scraper.

#4 Use formulas 

Sometimes standard formulas can be used in compiling a headline. In fact, most of the headlines are based on the fact that people show their mission, usefulness, and effectiveness.

To understand what headline formula will work as a lure for employers or clients, you need to understand what is important to them when they are looking for people on LinkedIn. Let them see it right in the header – this will increase your number of profile views because people can see the headline from the “People you may know” section.

You can use your USP in your headline. This is a short statement that addresses: for whom you are valuable, what exactly you are useful for, and a specific fact as evidence.

You can find examples of formulas used in your niche when doing research and profile scraping. You will understand that the texts of competitors can be based on a clear structure. For example:

What is your specialty / Who do you do it for / Why are you the best in your niche (USP)

 HR for IT companies / Own database of candidates / I will bring an employee in 3 days

#5 Use keywords (from Linked Helper analysis)

If you take a closer look at the profile headlines in a single niche, you may notice a lot of keywords. This means that the use of synonyms and relevant queries for which you can be searched should be included in the headline. This will add diversity to the semantics. For example, if you are working with text content, you can use the top functions for which you can be searched – copywriting | editing | content localization.

To find keywords and put them in the headline, you can analyze both in search engines and within LinkedIn. It is important to use the specific wording of the services exactly as they might be searched. This will become clear after you use Linked Helper to get a spreadsheet of text for analysis.

  • Copy the headline text of your competitors from the “headline” column in the spreadsheet.
  • Insert into a text analysis service. For example, Wordclouds can show which words are more common in an array of text and indicate the exact number of times each word appears. You will see the most popular keywords on a narrow selection of profiles in your niche.
  • Enter these keywords in the headline and summary sections of your profile. This will help you rank in the SERPs every time an interested user searches for profiles similar to yours. Pay attention to the profiles that are on the first pages of the results in your region or niche and use the keywords from their pages.

The 5 steps outlined in this section will help you get analytics, ideas, and keywords from which you can easily create a strong headline. It will be tailored to a narrow niche and help you stand out from your competitors. You don’t have to think of a headline and look for ideas – just do a quick analysis that will help you get found by clients, recruiters, or other audiences. Next, we will look at each step of working through Linked Helper, which will help you collect an array of data from the social network. Scraping a CSV file with competitors is better than just looking for ideas that are not based on analysis! In addition, you can use Linked Helper to promote your profile – automatically expand your network by sending invites in excess of the normal limits, write auto-messages when you invite and send welcome messages, invite people to events and groups, and much more. So preparing a headline is just the first step in automated LinkedIn marketing, and you can’t stop there. Read our blog post LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Export leads to Excel in an easy way

How to use Linked Helper to generate a headline (tutorial + example screenshots)

Step #1 – Free Download and Install

You can download the software for free and use it on any computer. The trial is valid for 14 days, which is enough for you to scrape competitors’ profiles. If you are interested in further promoting your LinkedIn profile, constantly expanding your contacts, searching for leads, and auto-interaction directly with your customers, you can explore the possibilities of the software in more depth. Just create a drip campaign to spend less time on the social network but get the most out of it for your business. Read how drip campaigns work in the article -.

Step #2 – Create a Visit and Extract Campaign

Working in Linked Helper is based on campaigns. You can run multiple campaigns with different goals – promotion or lead generation. And you can also connect several profiles to the software. This can help you increase your reach and get even more leads.

To search for profiles and copy information from their pages into a table, you need the Visit and Extract campaign. It works like this:

  • The software opens each profile that you add to the queue in turn.
  • It visits each profile by opening it in the browser – some of the target group will see your visit in their notifications (if they have a premium account), which may prompt them to check out your profile on their own.
  • The software copies all available data and saves it in the CRM. This includes emails and phone numbers for 1st level contacts. But you can use the built-in Find profile email action to scrape data without being connected.

This campaign consists of one action. But you can also create complex campaigns from several actions – for example, putting likes after visiting, and sending an invite. Explore How to run e-commerce drip campaigns through LinkedIn to convert 10X more.

Step #3 – Add competitors to the Queue

Each Linked Helper campaign works like a funnel where you can add an audience. It can be any collection of LinkedIn profiles from different sources. For scraping, you can sort profiles similar to yours by search results, select an audience with similar skills, or search by position. You can also use a link as a source for LinkedIn scraping. The campaign will start working after you add an audience. To start visiting, simply click on Start. You will be able to watch how the software opens in real time each profile you choose and copies the data just by visiting the page.

Step #4 – Download the CSV with samples

When the desired accounts are visited, you will see that they will be displayed in the Successful section of the action. These are the profiles for which you received the copied data from the pages. You can click on the Successful section or directly open the Lists section in the software. There you will see the Download button which will help you get a file with all the data from the software.

Converting the document to work in Google Docs or Excel is easier than you may think. To do this, you need to open the file via Import to Excel (and not double-clicking on the document). We described the settings in detail in the article.

how to write a good LinkedIn headline  scraping from Linked Helper

#5 Generate your sample for LinkedIn headlines 

As soon as you open a convenient document in Excel, you will see a “headline” column. This is valuable data with hundreds or thousands of ideas for this section from your top competitors in the SERPs. Now you can read these samples and come up with better ideas for your profile.

The sample that you create yourself through scraping a narrow range of profiles will be more relevant to your position, location, and the market in which you work. These are far better than the typical samples you can find on the internet because they don’t reflect the real trends in your niche.

Below you will find 20 examples that we have collected using Linked Helper. These examples are for top social media niches, but you can create a Visit and Extract campaign and find better ideas if you don’t find them below. Find 24 options for your sales manager LinkedIn summary to catch clients and How to optimize a LinkedIn sales profile for lead generation: instructions and 8 examples.

5 Best LinkedIn headlines for tech marketers

#1 Add real results in $

Example: Strategic Partnerships | $30M in ARR | Project Success

what to write in LinkedIn headline example for marketers

Your technology customers are always result-oriented. And you can show that numbers are more important than words from the headline. As in this example, indicate how much your work helped to bring to the companies you worked for. This will strengthen your skills, experience, and education indicated in the profile.

A scheme for compiling marketing headlines for LinkedIn can be: 

Your specialization / Position / Achievement in dollar amount


to get tips you are interested in

#2 Your headline can be minimalist

Example: Marketing & Sales Manager | The Computing Edge | A Member of The 20

what to write in LinkedIn headline marketing and sales

In this example, we see that IT marketers can use a simple formula. Indicate your specialization, company name, and recent achievement. Also in the example we see that you can add specific skills to the “Provides services” section. After all, potential customers can find you if they enter one of these phrases into the search bar. In addition, you may notice that the hashtags that you put in your LinkedIn posts play a huge role in search results. For example, we immediately see that this person writes about cybersecurity and, meanwhile, works in marketing and sales. Therefore, we can conclude something about his expertise in this niche. So if you want to make a minimalistic headline, be sure to specify all the skills in “Provides services.” By adding this section, your profile is automatically made available for receiving free InMails from other LinkedIn members. This means you can get even more offers and messages from customers!

#3 Leave the headline for keywords only

Example: ​​VP | Growth | Sales | Consulting | eCommerce | Blockchain | AEM

what to write in LinkedIn headline example with keywords

As we can see in the screenshot example, IT marketers can do without a USP and just list the key niches in the title. This can make things easier for you if you don’t like to write long texts. In order to find the right keywords, you will be helped by researching headlines and texts in the summaries of your competitors. If you see that the word Growth is often found among the texts, you can use it in your headline. Also remember that it makes no sense to repeat the words and keywords that you can enter in the “Provides services” section.

#4 You can add a personal fact to the headline

Example: Consultative Sales / Sales Process / Training / SAAS Stars / Business Development / Dad

what to write in LinkedIn headline saas and business development

Along with keywords, your mission, or offer, you can mention a personal fact from the bio. Often these are the facts that can catch the eye of a potential client or recruiter. Because the LinkedIn profile is not only your profile and professional history in its purest form, but also a page on the social network. And maybe people want to know more about you so they can approach you as a professional at work. In the example above, you can see that the marketer also mentioned that he is a Dad. Also, if you are a marketer for IT products and solutions, you can add what kind of software you specialize in and have already worked with. This will be a trigger call for those who are looking for a specialist in this niche because they will see that you already have relevant experience.

#5 Tell a story in a headline

Example: Having consulted with the Omedym team for the last 3yrs made this move to CRO a “no brainer”. The Buyer/Seller relationship has changed forever and Omedym’s digital platform is leading this transformation, let’s go!

what to write in LinkedIn headline example in IT sales

This approach to writing a headline can be relevant to stand out on the search page if there are boring headlines among competitors that include only keywords. As in the example above, you can see that the marketer told the success story in two sentences. It may be your most important achievement that you can simply tell in human language. Such a headline, despite the style of narration, should nevertheless include facts. As we see from the example, you can specify a specific period (3 years) for which you helped the company achieve key indicators. Also indicate what exactly you did (consulted) and which niche the company you helped is in (digital platform).

Good LinkedIn headlines for CEOs 

#1 State what you are an expert in

CEO at Customer’s Canvas by Aurigma | Web-to-print advocate | Pre-press automation and product personalization expert

best LinkedIn headlines for CEO example

In the example, as a CEO you can use the headline to show your expertise. If you are a CEO, people may want to see what your strengths are. So the headline might look like this:

CEO at (company name) | More narrow specialization | What are you an expert in?

#2 It’s never too much for emoji

Example: CEO Wealth Builders HQ ☯Entrepreneur ☯Author ☯Disruptor ☯Innovator ☯Trader ☯Educator ☯Leader ☯Inventor ☯LION 29k

best LinkedIn headlines for CEO example with emoji

In the example below, you can see that even CEOs use emoji to draw attention to their profile. The picture in the example may be overkill with emoji, but in reality, this profile almost immediately caught our attention when we were looking for examples. So if your goal is to become more visible in the SERPs, you can be radical in your use of emoji.

#3 Good example of a big headline

Example: CEO at MarketAtomy Academy | The Business Birthing Specialist | We empower solo and micro business owners for success through cognitive awareness, focused education, and strategic collaboration.

best LinkedIn headlines for CEO a big headline

In contrast to the simple approach in which you can use only keywords, the bio in this example includes several points at once. First of all, we see the answer to the question – who are you? Next, it explains a narrower specialty – The business birthing specialist. What follows is an excellent mission statement. The mission is built according to the following scheme:

  • Who we help (solo and micro business owners)
  • Why are we doing this (success)
  • What methods do we use (cognitive awareness, focused education, strategic collaboration).

#4 Indicate narrow areas of work in the headline

Example: CEO | Executive Leadership | Consulting | Recruiting | Sales and Business Development | Biotech | Pharmaceuticals | Medical Device | Veterinary & Animal Health | Laboratory Diagnostics | Life Sciences

headline for LinkedIn for CEO with niche keywords

If you are the CEO in a certain niche, you can use as many keywords as possible in the headline at once. Most likely it will not be possible to add such words to the “Provides services” section. Therefore, as in the example, we see that the profile contains specializations like Animal health, Biotech, and so on. Without researching profiles in your industry, it can be difficult for you to choose words to rank for. Search keywords for services you are an expert in via Google and through the parsing of relevant profiles in Linked Helper (section 2 in this article).

LinkedIn headline ideas for sales 

#1 Be immediately open to contacts

Example: Helping you Run a Successful Profitable Business: bcforg.com (805) 813 7007

headline for LinkedIn for sales with phone number

Using contacts (website and phone number) in a headline is not a common practice. But in fact, if speed is important in your work and it is important for you to receive calls from customers, you can use this approach. With such data not as readily available among other sales specialists, this contact info can speed up the process of getting clients who are ready to call you themselves. In the example above, we see how the specialist combined the mission and contact details at once in the headline. Thanks to the completed “Providing services” information, people from the search page will understand what your specialty is. And perhaps you will begin to receive more calls from leads tomorrow.

#2 State your desired position 

Example: Looking for new opportunities in sales management and/or new business development with an emphasis on authentic leadership and positive organizational behavior

headline for LinkedIn sales manager looking for job

If you are currently looking for a job, you can use the title line to describe the work you are seeking as shown in the example above. This approach will help you get offers from those who are looking for a sales specialist. Also mention your key specializations like organizational behavior.

#3 Motivational headline

Example: I help business leaders activate and expand to achieve their vision

motivational headline for LinkedIn coaching

If you specialize in team building or corporate coaching, then your headline may sound different. For example, you can choose a target segment and describe how you solve their problem. These may be business leaders whom you will train to sell more and more efficiently.

#4 Use 3 important facts about you

Example: Graduating Senior Business Admin Major at Bowie State University | Seeking employment opportunities in Marketing, Business Development or Sales | Entrepreneur

The headline can be based on just a few facts that will quickly help readers understand who you are and your experience. It is important to quickly understand and assimilate information in a social network where there is so much data. Therefore, select three important points that employers or clients may be interested in and put them in the text. It could be the following scheme:

What are you doing right now / What are you looking for or your purpose on LinkedIn / Your occupation

headline for LinkedIn open to work in marketing

#5 Your life motto can become a headline

Example: Always Be Kind. We take businesses & people to the next level… Leadership & Management success. Grow & Scale Businesses…Team Building.. ..Events… Entrepreneur.. Empower..ask me about our masterminds and groups

You can add your principle that you use not only in work but in life. This may be important for customers who may be looking for you through social networks. Also further you can delve into your mission and how you help professionally.

headline for LinkedIn with life motto

LinkedIn headline samples for HR

#1 An appropriate emoji will highlight you in search results

Example: Freelance HR Consulting, Recruiting & Certified Business Coach 🚀

You can take a simple idea that will make you stand out from the competition. Even if you just list your specialties in the headline, you can add an emoji at the end of the line (if all the words are visible on the search page to the end). It will also be good if you use synonyms for which people with similar needs can search for you – HR and Recruiting.

headline for LinkedIn for HR consulting

#2 List your benefits emotionally

Example: Innovative HR Leader | People Focused | Builder of Teams | Engagement Champion | HR Systems Improver | Employee Relation Specialist

You can use the headline string as the title of your personal landing page. So don’t hesitate to add adjectives. In the example, we see that the recruiter uses emotional words that add confidence in their professional qualities. It can be words like “innovative,” “perfect,” “champion” and so on.

headline for LinkedIn HR leader employee relation

#3 Mission presentation for HR

Example: HR coach and talent consultant, helping employers in Germany connect with the best talents 🚀 CEO & Founder of CareerBee 🐝

You can try to make your headline mission-style. This can be seen in the example of how you can use a string to convey who you are helping. As we can see in the title, you can use a pattern to help your text be structured and understandable to readers.

For example, you can take note of the following scheme:

Who are you and what is your specialty, how do you help and who is your target client, position, emoji

headline for LinkedIn for HR coach

#4 Add a sign that you have open vacancies

Example: HR Specialist – Talent Acquisition @Viceversa | We are hiring! 🌻☀️

headline for LinkedIn for talent acquisition

You can get more incoming resumes from candidates if you just list it right away in the headline. After all, often you can get requests from candidates who are looking for a place in a particular company or niche. So put the headline line to good use and just add the magic three words: We are hiring. This will help to get applications from candidates. And also emojis that suit your mood will make you stand out among the search results on the white web page.

#5 Describe your work style

Example: ​​Professional, Pragmatic HR Specialist/Director/Consultant/Manager. Delivering innovative, creative HR Solutions – DBS Checked

headline for LinkedIn describe your work style

Often job seekers for recruiting services may have an image and style of work in their head that they want to see. For some teams you need a gentle and understanding mentor, for others you need a pragmatic and professional assistant who will select personnel quickly and inexpensively for the company. Therefore, point out a couple of adjectives that can describe your personal side and nature at work – this can be an important point in finding clients.

All in all: your headline checklist for 2024

Writing your headline on LinkedIn in 2024 according to the methodology described in this article can bring you more profile visits from search results and the “People you may know” section and get you more acceptance of invites that you send. As you experiment with the headline, you may notice a lot of incoming job and product offers.

A headline checklist may look like the following:

  • Think over a portrait of the audience you want to attract (clients, recruiters, or colleagues in your industry).
  • Research competitors to find an idea.
  • Parse data from the headlines of competitors using the Linked Helper free scraper.
  • Compose samples from successful examples that you find among competitors in your niche. You can use patterns and schemes that seem to you the most successful.
  • Search for keywords of your competitors in the spreadsheet downloaded from Linked Helper.
  • Draw up a USP and mission based on the examples received and your audience.
  • Analyze your achievements and results to include in the headline.
  • Choose 3-5 adjectives or emotional words that describe your style of work.
  • Add emojis that characterize you at work.

As a result of this process, you will arrive at a headline that will reflect your strengths, will differ from competitors, and address the problem of the audience you are targeting. Remember that the search for ideas and samples is best done individually for your niche. Just by looking at the headlines of successful experts in your niche, you will quickly understand which scheme is right for your industry.

Remember that the headline should be primarily aimed at solving the problem of your audience and be understandable to them. The headline should help you accomplish your current task on LinkedIn, whether it is lead generation or hiring. If your goal of maintaining a LinkedIn profile is to find a job, then the headline should be addressed to recruiters. That is, you can add the line Looking for job / Open to work to the headline.

If you’re actively looking for clients and ready to answer their call, you can turn the headline into a business card that even includes your phone number and your company’s website address.

How Linked Helper can help with crafting a top headline:

  • You will get a free scraper that collects data from hundreds of profiles. If working manually, you would waste lots of time and effort even for viewing the first few pages of search results. The robot can help you out with tedious copying. Even without visiting the pages, it can transfer headlines of those who appeared in the search results according to your filters.
  • You will receive all the texts from the pages in an Excel spreadsheet for analysis. This is the surest way to find the right headline words. After downloading the file, you will see a separate “headline” column. You will also have the text from the summary, skills, and work experience sections, from which you can get more ideas for headlines. This approach will take into account the real trends in your industry.
  • You can understand which keywords are most common. When you get headline texts for hundreds or a thousand profiles, you will get good material for text analysis. You can copy it and paste it into a service that will show you the most frequently used words. Just add some of them that suit you in the headline so that your profile will appear in the search results for these terms.
  • You can promote your profile through Linked Helper automated funnels. Data scraping is just one of the software’s features. Having received data about your competitors, companies, and customers, you can use this information in automated promotions. If your goal is to promote a profile for sales, job hunting, or promoting your company, you need to get views and to expand your network of contacts. Linked Helper can do the day-to-day work for you that a social media manager would normally do. Having found the desired audience and added it to the Queue of a campaign, all you have to do is click on start. The software will automatically invite these people to your network with a private message, like and comment on their posts, or promote your events. The advantage of working through Linked Helper is that the invite limit can be bypassed (even after the update released in 2022 banning mass invites by uploading a file with emails).
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