Dripify vs. Linked Helper 2024: LinkedIn automation tools comparison

Dripify vs. Linked Helper 2023: LinkedIn automation tools comparison

Hey, hero. Are you looking for a Dripify alternative? 

That can be a real headache.

In 2024, there is seemingly an abundance of tools to choose from. And nowadays there are market standards for LinkedIn automation tools. Many features that used to be exotic are now expected in such tools: reply detection, custom workflows, smart activity limits, and deep personalization of messages. Some tools are better for teams, others seem to be a better choice for individuals.

In this article we compare Dripify against Linked Helper across key aspects that usually matter when choosing an automation tool: 

  • ease of use and onboarding
  • scope of features
  • safety of LinkedIn accounts
  • customer support
  • data storage and sharing
  • convenience for teams
  • value for price
  • and many more…

In certain ways Dripify outplays Linked Helper, but in other respects Linked Helper shines. In some ways both tools are equally good. We’re diving into the juicy details of all the features, straight from August 2023. We’re talking website info, trial perks, and even the scoop from the customer support squad. Let’s get this comparison party started! 🎉

Dripify vs. Linked Helper 2023

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21 reasons you’ll love Linked Helper over Dripify

Here’s the meaty part of our work – we’ll unveil how Linked Helper is flat out better! During our tests we found the features listed below were either absent or limited in Dripify. You are welcome to read the detailed comparison of both tools in the following sections. But right now, let’s sum up the ways Linked Helper is better than Dripify.

Reason 1: Unparalleled safety

Dripify is a web-based tool. That is a mixed blessing: you’ll easily manage teams and view their progress and reports, and you are not tied to the app while it’s working on your campaigns. 

At the same time, from what we’ve seen, most of the job is done under the hood. Most likely, Dripify is using API requests to LinkedIn servers.

In contrast, Linked Helper fully imitates how users send invitations and messages and how they view profiles. On the technical side, it’s performing campaigns like a human – scrolling pages, clicking buttons, typing messages – and is not vulnerable to LinkedIn detection algorithms.

Reason 2: Precise Targeting

Linked Helper gives you 12+ unique pages to collect profiles from that Dripify doesn’t. Both tools allow to collect from LinkedIn search page or upload profile URLs, but only in Linked Helper you can additionally collect from:

  • Group members page
  • Event attendees page 
  • Post likers and commenters
  • My network page
  • My followers page
  • Who viewed my profile page
  • School alumni page

Reason 3: Not through invitations alone!

Certain automatic features are exclusively available in Linked Helper:

  • Messages to group members 
  • Messages to event attendees 
  • Invite 1st degree connections to follow your company page 
  • Invite 1st degree connections to events
  • Invite people to groups
  • Automatically remove 1st degree connections (when you’ve changed career and want to make room for new connections) 

This is something Dripify doesn’t offer. 

Reason 4: Transfer leads directly to HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Close

The primary driver for choosing Linked Helper lies in its seamless direct integrations with highly regarded CRMs such as HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Close. This means that users can establish a direct and efficient connection between Linked Helper and their chosen CRM platforms. 

What sets this apart is the flexibility it offers – this integration can be seamlessly used at any point in the sales funnel. Consider, for instance, incorporating it post-receiving a message from a lead following the “Check for replies” stage.

Send person to external crm linked helper
You can transfer leads to CRM after visiting a profile or after another targeted action.

Crucially, this integration eliminates the need for manual data input. Users can effortlessly transfer comprehensive data from LinkedIn leads to their CRM. This includes not only basic lead information but extends to the transmission of conversation history and custom variables, ensuring a holistic transfer of pertinent information for further sales and specialized processes.

Linked Helper exports messaging history from LinkedIn to HubSpot directly
The data in HubSpot includes all lead contacts and your messages.

In contrast, Dripify, while offering integrations with webhooks and Zapier, doesn’t provide the same level of direct CRM integrations as Linked Helper.

Reason 5: Auto-tags and filters

In Linked Helper you can automatically assign custom tags and then use these tags to navigate the CRM. For example, before launching a campaign, you can set a condition to put “sales_conf,” “august,” or “test” tags on all successfully processed profiles automatically.

What’s more exciting is that you can later remove these tags at any step of your campaign automatically!  Often this is used to mark funnel stages. Custom tags give you way more freedom to sort and organize your leads in the database.

Screenshot of the tag system in Linked Helper.
In Linked Helper, you can set up auto-tags before starting a campaign

The post-collection filters in Linked Helper help you navigate easily though the list and remove unwanted profiles in the most flexible way.

Reason 6: Custom variables

Personalized interactions are crucial. In Linked Helper you can turn any piece of unique information into part of your message.

Picture this: you can create a special opening for each lead. 

Lead 1: “Hello, Jessica. I’ve read that you’ve recently raised A-round investment for your startup. Congratulations!”

Lead 2: “Hello, Marwin. I was impressed with the artwork you’ve designed for Flamrose website”

A web designer who has inspected his leads’ websites can send each lead a unique message that reads: “Hi {firstname}, I was looking at your {website} and found serious flaws that negatively affect SEO ranking.”

Reason 7: Message template builder

In Linked Helper, you will see a more powerful message template builder, where you can:

  • Use the preview window to play around with messages and see how variables will fit into the message.
  • Use the built-in “IF-THEN-ELSE” plugin to create an alternative message when a variable is missing from certain profiles. Unlike in Dripify, it extends to any variable, including custom ones.
  • Save your message templates to a library and use them in other campaigns.
Creating several variations of your message for a missing custom variable and using nested if-then-else conditions in Linked Helper. Preview and templates gallery (right-side).
Creating several variations of your message for a missing custom variable and using nested if-then-else conditions in Linked Helper. Preview and templates gallery (right-side).
linkedin auto message inbox with emoji in the name
An alternative message can be created for only 3 variables in Dripify.

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Reason 8: Uclic and Hyperize for animated messages

Linked Helper is directly integrated with Hyperise and Uclic to add unique custom pictures when messaging 1st degree connections. This has a tremendous effect on the reply rates of your messages and helps you stand out. Have you tried it yet? 

Reason 9: Override platform plug-in

Most LinkedIn automation tools support Sales Navigator, Recruiter, and Basic LinkedIn. But what is truly unique about Linked Helper is the ability to process Sales Navigator links on a basic account without any paid subscriptions. This is what Linked Helper is capable of doing thanks to our Override platform plug-in! For instance, a Sales Navigator account can be utilized for profile collection, while automatically switching to your Basic account for mass liking (which is not available in the paid plan).

Screenshot of the Override Platform Plugin in a Linked Helper campaign.
Example of the Override Platform Plugin in Linked Helper.

Reason 10: Monthly email searches

Linked Helper offers an impressive 620 email search credits per month on its standard $15 plan and 3,100 credits on the $45/month PRO plan. This stands in stark contrast to Dripify, which provides only 100 credits on any plan, even on the cheapest $59/month plan.

Using the Email Finder tool in Linked Helper you will discover verified personal emails of your target audience. More search credits can be purchased in addition to your license limit, if you like. The email discovery success rate is between 60-89% in Linked Helper (depending on the niche).

Website screenshot of Dripify displaying the prices for extra paid credits in the Email Finder.
Additional paid credit prices in Dripify’s Email Finder.

Reason 11: Automatic comments under posts

Both Dripify and Linked Helper have a post liking feature. However, in Linked Helper you can activate the “add comment” option. Although it allows only for a generic, one-for-all comment, it can significantly boost your conversions and profile views!

Screenshot of the action to like and comment on posts and articles.
You can set up auto-comments for posts and articles using variables in the screenshot.

Reason 12: More data in the export file!

By comparing the CSV files that we retrieved from Dripify and Linked Helper, we can proudly say that Linked Helper’s is way more rich in data. You can export headline, skills, mutual connections, messaging history, languages and proficiency, company data, and profile badges on top of what Dripify offers. 

Reason 13: Clean emojis from names 

“Hello, 😎!
Guess who’s been using an automation tool to send this message?”

With Linked Helper this won’t happen. Some profiles include emojis And while it may be only a tiny percent, who knows, maybe it’s your next lead? Linked Helper is known for clearing any emojis or special symbols from names before sending an automatic message – something that will save your face when you message next time.

Every lead generation expert’s nightmare.
Every lead generation expert’s nightmare.

Reason 14: Customer support at weekends

You can reach Linked Helper via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, web chat, or email. Initial reply time is usually within 10 minutes. Having super fast and accessible customer support is critical for such technical tools. Linked Helper support is also online at weekends and overnight, literally 24/7.

Being a far more sophisticated tool, and thus not always easy to grasp, Linked Helper provides to customers exceptional 24/7 support. Linked Helper agents have solid technical expertise and can look into your back-up file, help with installation issues, quickly assess reasons for crashing, incorrect operation, etc. You will never be left alone with your issues.

Screenshot of LinkedIn Helper's support channels.
You can also reach out to LinkedIn Helper’s support team through social media.

Reason 15: It’s cheaper! 

Evaluate the balance between costs and outcomes. Opting for the annual PRO plan in Linked Helper (maximum features included) will cost you $297/year. This will give you unlimited campaigns, 150-200 daily actions, 3,100 email credits, full access to data export (including message history), custom variables, and all perks we listed earlier. 

Opting for the PRO annual plan in Dripify (the closest equivalent to Linked Helper’s PRO plan) will cost you $708 – more than 2.3 times more expensive! That plan gives you multiple campaigns, 100 email credits, limited data export, and no custom variables. 

Reason 16: No-pressure trial license

You’ll have a 14-day full PRO trial in Linked Helper against 7 days in Dripify. When you dive into the world of automation, you’ll need some time to look around. Linked Helper only starts your trial when you launch your first campaign. Until then, take your time to explore the tool, collect and re-shuffle your lists, etc.

Reason 17: Desktop app 

If immediate access and cloud-based convenience are crucial for you, Dripify might be the preferable option. BUT, since Linked Helper runs on your local system, it is inherently isolated from the cloud. This isolation can help mitigate risks related to unauthorized access, data leaks, or third-party breaches that might affect cloud-based solutions.

You control your own data. Download back-up files to save your data with Linked Helper.
You control your own data. Download back-up files to save your data with Linked Helper


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Reason 18: Scheduling & timing

Two important things to note here.

In Linked Helper you’ll have options to set working hours not only for all campaigns globally, but for every specific action. Many actions in your workflow (such as following profiles) can run overnight, but for messages the timing is critical. In Linked Helper you can select your preferred sending schedule day-to-day. 

In Linked Helper, after configuring your campaign you can set a delayed start date and time in future. We haven’t found this option to postpone the start of an action in Dripify.

Screenshot of the "Postpone Action Start" setting in Linked Helper.
Schedule the start of an action or campaign at any convenient time.

Reason 19: Organization Extractor feature

Linked Helper shines with its standalone Organization Extractor and a nifty feature that gathers company data while scraping people’s profiles.

The real kicker? Once Linked Helper snags that data, it works some magic on it. Take messaging for example – you can bet your bottom dollar that Linked Helper is smart enough to nix those company ownership forms like GmbH, Srl, and LLC from company names before sending messages. In the Dripify corner, the Data Scrubber feature only flexes for LinkedIn profile names. 

Reason 20: List manager option

This one you’ll really love! You can exclude profiles from the Linked Helper queue using more flexible parameters – the List manager plugin allows you to remove duplicate profiles between two campaigns and even actions! 

Reason 21: Flexible limits

Linked Helper recommendation is to set a limit of 150 actions per day, regardless of the type of LinkedIn subscription. This is not a hard-coded limit, which means you have the flexibility to distribute your daily actions as you see fit. For instance, you could send 200 invitations over two days, at a rate of 100 invitations per day. 

 📍In Dripify, the activity control feature is available only with the Advanced plan. This provides a more limited level of control over the tool’s functionality than in Linked Helper.

 📍In the Linked Helper settings, you can also manually adjust limits for a specific timeframe. For example, you can use 20 invitations within 24 hours.

To sum up…

Our tests showed that Linked Helper is a real cost-saving hero. When you look at Linked Helper Standard versus Dripify PRO, it’s around 5.2 times cheaper per month and an impressive 7.1 times more budget-friendly annually. 

It’s not only kinder to your wallet, but it also offers more power and value.

Linked Helper boasts an array of functions that have yet to be introduced in Dripify. Many of these features are distinctive and cater to professional users or teams. For instance, the tool’s ability to automatically adapt profile URLs from Sales Navigator for campaign uploads is particularly noteworthy. In cases where you’ve collected profiles in Navigator for Dripify, uploading URLs without prior link adaptation becomes a limitation. 

In addition, Linked Helper is flexible, allowing you to add, remove, and sort profiles using tags, list manager, and any approach you like.

Dripify is seen as a plus for its cloud-based nature. It has a nice and sleek interface, visually attractive dashboard, and is definitely a one-stop solution for teams. But Linked Helper can be hosted on a server and run 24/7 and offers exceptional support.

Still not convinced? Then let’s take a look at each aspect of both tools. 

Comparison Charts

Getting Started with the Tools

Getting Started with the Tools

Collecting leads

Collecting leads comparison

Explore 6 ways to use LinkedIn Search like a Pro. 

Filtering leads

Filtering leads Linked Helper Dripify

Drip campaign & campaign templates

Drip campaign & campaign templates

Scope of automation

Scope of automation linked helper dripify

Dashboard and campaign stats

Dashboard and campaign stats

Cross-platform processing: LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter

Cross-platform processing: LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter linked helper dripify

*Setting up a group/event ID is necessary in order to collect individuals under one LinkedIn account and process with another. This feature becomes particularly valuable when utilizing Sales Navigator, as it allows you to filter people based on groups. However, you can process these collected individuals through a different account (for example, using Basic LinkedIn). By knowing the group ID, you can send messages through that specific event or group to those you’ve previously gathered using an account with a premium subscription.

*The ability to process Sales Navigator links on a free LinkedIn account allows you to save on subscriptions by distributing Sales Navigator links among non-Sales Navigator accounts.


Messaging linked helper vs dripify

Scheduling & timing

Scheduling & timing linked helper vs dripify

Data export

Data export linked helper vs dripify

Full list of Linked Helper output.

Integrations with 3rd-party tools

Integrations with 3rd-party tools

Managing accounts in teams

Managing accounts in teams

Customer support and resources

Customer support and resources

Pricing & value for money

As evident from the comparison table, Dripify’s highest-tier annual plan costs 3.2 times more than Linked Helper’s counterpart. This Dripify plan includes profile management for teams. However, even in Dripify’s most advanced plan, there are notably more limitations on key actions compared to Linked Helper.

Pricing & value for money Linked Helper vs Dripify

Action limits

Action limits
Screenshot of the Dripify website showing the daily limits on the Basic plan.
Daily Limits on the Basic Plan in Dripify

Linked Helper:

  1. Pro license: There are no set limits.
  2. Standard license: Most actions don’t have predefined limits, except for the specific cases listed below, where the limit is up to 20 times per 24 hours:
  • Messaging via groups
  • Messaging via events
  • Messaging with attached pictures
  • Liking posts
  • Inviting people to events
  • Inviting to groups
  • Inviting to follow organizations
  • Sending individuals to a Webhook
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