06 May 2024
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Linked Helper vs. Zopto 2024: Which Is the Best LinkedIn Tool?

Linked Helper vs. Zopto: LinkedIn automation tools comparison

Table of Contents

Zopto is considered one of the top LinkedIn automation tools, but you may be already exploring alternatives. To write this article, we subscribed to the Zopto app for a month to conduct thorough testing. 

Zopto is a standout web-based tool, ensuring your campaigns run smoothly even when your computer is turned off. However, an alternative tool might be more suitable for those who are just beginning to explore automation, as Zopto requires payment information during the registration process.

Linked Helper vs. Zopto interface comparison
Important note not mentioned on the Zopto website: the tool cannot be used with a basic LinkedIn account. This further complicates your lead generation experience with this product.

Unfortunately, Zopto’s pricing strategy may not suit everyone, starting at $195 per month without a trial. On the other hand, Linked Helper offers a free trial and the option to purchase a monthly subscription for $15 (Standard) or $45 (Pro). These significant differences in user experience and pricing left us disappointed with the decision to invest in a paid and expensive subscription.

Linked Helper vs. Zopto Interface Comparison
Linked Helper is a downloadable tool with an integrated browser.

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Key differences 

Despite Zopto not offering a free trial, you can fill out a form to request a call for a demo. Below, we highlight a key difference between Zopto and one of its top competitors in LinkedIn automation.

Key differences Linked Helper Zopto

29 Reasons to Choose Linked Helper Over Zopto

Reason 1 – Enhanced Safety in Automation

According to the response from Zopto’s support team, in-page navigation is exclusively available for white-label agencies, and all activities on the platform are randomized. Additionally, the tool performs as an online web tool which may be less secure as it may send API requests to LinkedIn to perform actions.

Linked Helper vs. Zopto support response about in-page navigation
Zopto does not offer the same security features for all users.

In stark contrast, Linked Helper is a standalone tool requiring installation on your computer, and it employs in-page navigation universally for all users. This approach mirrors the actions of a genuine person, including pauses, button clicks, and profile searches, replicating human behavior without the use of a robot.

The search bar in the Linked Helper interface while working with the software
You can see how Linked Helper types people’s names letter by letter in the search.

Moreover, shortly after connecting a profile to Zopto, we encountered a warning for engaging in automation. This highlights a crucial distinction in the automation policies between the two platforms.

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Reason 2 – No Alerts for Automation Usage

The use of Linked Helper, unlike extensions and many web tools such as Zopto, doesn’t prompt warnings from LinkedIn. Typically, Linked Helper users seeking support for such alerts have additional automation extensions concurrently installed (refer to our article on extensions).

On the second day of Zopto usage, we received a LinkedIn notification stating that automation is prohibited. Subsequently, reconnecting the same basic profile proved challenging. Since the chat window with support vanished from the dashboard, we were compelled to communicate via email and received a support recommendation to change the location.

Linked Helper vs. Zopto support response about account connection error
Zopto is not always easy to connect to your profile, and you may receive a warning.

Reason 3 – Rare LinkedIn Profile Logout

One significant technical inconvenience with Zopto is that the tool logs out of the LinkedIn account several times a day and attempts to log in again. However, since it requires entering the security code received via email, this process can disrupt your campaigns.

Important note: Recently, there was some glitch on LinkedIn, where it was logging out LinkedIn accounts from both Linked Helper and Chrome browsers as well. Therefore, the issue may be related to a LinkedIn bug.

In Linked Helper, there is a limit of opening 40 profiles via a direct link to prevent LinkedIn from logging out.

Also, we are unsure if this issue is widespread across all locations, but it hindered our campaign execution. Since Linked Helper works locally, your LinkedIn account on your computer is accessed through a local IP address. Consequently, for LinkedIn, it appears as if you logged in from a different Chrome browser profile.

Linked Helper doesn’t log out from LinkedIn during campaigns so frequently. 

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Reason 4 – Compatibility with Any LinkedIn Subscription Plan

While Zopto’s website doesn’t explicitly mention it, after payment and profile connection, a warning indicates that only one of the premium accounts – Premium, Sales Navigator, or Recruiter – can be linked. 

Linked Helper vs. Zopto account connection window
Zopto offers Premium, Sales Navigator, or Recruiter directly in the account settings.

Despite this, we managed to connect a basic account for audience gathering. However, after collecting data, the tool logged out and prompted us to upgrade to Premium or Sales Navigator. This may inconvenience users not willing to purchase a LinkedIn subscription. 

In contrast, Linked Helper can be connected even to a basic profile and still deliver targeted leads.

Reason 5 – User-Friendly Design and Interface

Linked Helper vs. Zopto screenshot of interface menu
Zopto occasionally has interface glitches, making it challenging to use.

We used Zopto on Chrome on a MacBook, and in our case, menu items overlapped, making it inconvenient and preventing access to the billing menu without using screen zoom. Additionally, the chat with customer support disappeared after a few days of using the tool.

In contrast to Zopto, Linked Helper does not present similar interface issues, ensuring a smoother user experience.

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Reason 6 – More Audience Sources with LinkedIn Page Redirects

Zopto lacks the capability for page redirects; all audiences must be gathered by inserting links to pages, such as events or search results. 

Linked Helper vs. Zopto screenshot of audience collection menu
Zopto offers several ways to collect an audience, but all without direct redirection from the software.

In contrast, Linked Helper provides more audience sources that can be accessed directly within the application. 

For example, unlike Zopto, you can redirect straight to these pages:

  • Your Contacts page
  • Search Page (where you can set specific filters)
  • Pages of Events and Groups
  • Your Followers
  • Search and Lists in Sales Nav and Recruiter
Linked Helper search and audience collection paths
Linked Helper has built-in buttons for redirects to search pages.

Moreover, it features a LinkedIn interface within the application, allowing you to create a filtered search by inserting a URL for data collection. This feature helps you avoid the need to log into LinkedIn separately through a browser and automation tool.


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Reason 7 – Drip Campaign Capability & Templates

Linked Helper enables users to logically plan automatic actions within campaigns. You can either create custom campaigns or use pre-designed thematic campaign templates for message sequences through groups, events, connection requests, and more.

Linked Helper campaign templates screenshot
Linked Helper template sequence for event invitations

In contrast, Zopto lacks campaign sequences, offering only modules (basically independent automation features) that you can enable or switch off for your selected audience.

Linked Helper vs. Zopto screenshot of Zopto automation modules
Zopto offers several automation modules, but they cannot be scheduled as an algorithm.

Planning a sequence of actions or using campaign templates is not possible. 

Reason 8 – Swift Audience Gathering

Transferring an audience to Linked Helper from a search, page, URLs, and CSV takes just a few minutes. In contrast, with Zopto, there is a waiting period and we experienced it.

Linked Helper vs. Zopto screenshot of Zopto campaigns
Zopto does not perform fast audience collection, and there is a limit of 300 people for collection via URL insertion.

Transferring an audience from a post with 600 connections, as per support responses, might take up to one hour.

At the same time, in Linked Helper, we were able to gather 600 profiles in 4 minutes. Additionally, after the collection, Linked Helper displays the number of profiles skipped and the reasons why.

Collected profiles Linked Helper
Collecting profiles from LinkedIn post likers

In this video, you can observe the profile gathering process and learn how to address profile skipping issues.

You can see the profile skipping reasons

Reason 9 – Direct Integration with Close and PipeDrive

Linked Helper offers more opportunities for the direct transfer of lead information, messages, and custom variables to CRM systems. Zopto allows data transfer to HubSpot, but Linked Helper is also directly compatible with Close and PipeDrive.

Great news: Zoho CRM, Zoho Recruit CRM, Monday, Copper, and Freshsales are already in operation, and integration with Linked Helper is on the horizon

Reason 10 – Convenient Inbox

Linked Helper offers two ways to monitor messages on LinkedIn. It includes an internal inbox (though responses can’t be sent from here but this feature is in developement) and the ability to directly access the LinkedIn interface within the tool and consequently, the inbox.

Linked Helper vs. Zopto screenshot of LinkedIn inbox
Linked Helper allows you to open your inbox within the social network inside the application.

Linked Helper vs. Zopto screenshot of Linked Helper internal inbox
Linked Helper has an internal inbox with responses through campaigns.

In contrast, Zopto has only an internal integrated inbox, but based on reviews it’s not always convenient. Users have reported on Zopto’s feature suggestion board that their inbox experiences glitches and long loading times, and lacks a search function for messages.

Linked Helper vs. Zopto screenshot of user feedback about the inbox
Zopto users sometimes complain about the UX/UI.

Reason 11 – Job Seeker Filter

In Linked Helper’s CRM, there is a convenient hack for recruiters. You can quickly filter those who are openly looking for job opportunities. However, Zopto lacks this specific filter, limiting recruiters in their ability to efficiently identify and target candidates actively seeking employment.

Note: The filter is available only when visiting the profile.

Reason 12 – IF-THEN-ELSE

Linked Helper provides a valuable feature with the ability to set custom variables in messages. However, Zopto lacks the capability to use these variables in a logical string (IF-THEN-ELSE tool), making it less flexible. This limitation can result in empty spaces in messages when variables are not present, potentially revealing the use of automation, as recipients may notice unnatural gaps.

Reason 13 – No Limit on URL Imports

Zopto, unlike Linked Helper, imposes a restriction on the number of profiles you can add via their URLs, limiting it to 300 profiles (with a warning). 

Linked Helper vs. Zopto screenshot of notification about user transfer
Zopto has limitations on the number of users that can be added via URL insertion.

Zopto has plans to address this inconvenience in the future. In contrast, Linked Helper does not have such limitations, allowing users to import profiles via URLs without any restrictions.

Linked Helper vs. Zopto screenshot of planned feature about limit increase
Zopto users find URL import limits inconvenient, so a future limit increase is planned.

Reason 14 – 24/7 Multichannel Support

In Zopto, we encountered difficulties with support communication. The chat window for correspondence disappeared, and when we reached out via email, the specialist did not offer a clear explanation or solution to the problem. While email responses were relatively prompt, conducting support discussions in this manner is not as convenient. 

Linked Helper vs. Zopto screenshot of support email
Response from Zopto support to an email about connecting a basic profile.

Linked Helper, on the other hand, offers multichannel support, allowing users to reach out within the application, on Facebook, via email, via online chat, and even on WhatsApp, offering a more versatile and accessible support experience.

Zopto, similar to Linked Helper, creates tutorial videos on YouTube, and the Zopto team responds promptly in the chat within a few minutes.

Check our YouTube tutorials at the link. 

Reason 15 – Flexible Switching Between LinkedIn Subscriptions

Imagine having a single account with a Sales Navigator subscription for your entire team. You can purchase this subscription to leverage enhanced filtering and people-search capabilities and to create lead lists, and then perform likes, invites, and messaging through multiple basic free profiles. Linked Helper provides numerous features for seamless switching between subscriptions within the tool:

  • Override: This feature can be enabled to work with both basic profiles and paid subscriptions within a single campaign.
  • Process SN links with free profile: The tool can open a CSV file containing Sales Navigator links for processing, even if your profile is basic.

This hack is not available in Zopto. 

Reason 16 – Tagging

Linked Helper vs. Zopto screenshot of Linked Helper tagging
Tagging can be automated in the settings of each campaign or action.

Linked Helper provides both automated and manual tagging features, enabling users to categorize leads with specific tags. These tags can be assigned manually or automatically after certain actions or throughout the entire campaign. In contrast, Zopto lacks the ability to assign tags, limiting the user’s ability to organize leads efficiently.

Reason 17 – Invite to Group

Linked Helper allows for active marketing through groups, facilitating community engagement by enabling users to add people automatically. For example, you can first interact with their profile and, after a few days, invite them to join a group. This approach is beneficial for community warming and marketing efforts, which Zopto lacks.

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Reason 18 – Invite to Follow Organization

Developing an organization’s LinkedIn profile is essential for improved visibility, especially since LinkedIn pages can be better indexed than websites, especially newer ones. Linked Helper allows users to invite individuals to follow the organization’s page, enhancing the company’s online presence—a feature that Zopto does not provide.

Linked Helper screenshot of the action to follow an organization
Linked Helper action to extend invitations to follow an organization

Reason 19 – Invite Person to Event

Linked Helper offers template campaigns for inviting individuals to events and planning messaging sequences after the event. It allows users to promote products or warm up their audience before in-person meetings or calls. Zopto, in contrast, only enables users to message people through a shared event but does not support the creation of individualized event campaigns.

Reason 20 – Organization Extractor

The scraper in Linked Helper has the capability to collect both individual profiles and company profiles simultaneously (if the setting is enabled), as well as separate collections solely for company pages. This feature proves valuable when assessing companies in a specific region, obtaining links to their websites, and gathering contact information to conduct market research effectively.

Screenshot of template selection for exporting organizations
Linked Helper allows exporting organization pages with a single action.

Having the ability to collect and analyze data on both individuals and companies provides a comprehensive overview of the market landscape. This feature allows users to delve into the market’s intricacies, making Linked Helper a more versatile tool for market research compared to Zopto.

Reason 21 – CRM Functionality

Linked Helper incorporates CRM functionality, serving as a repository for leads gathered during campaigns. The CRM accumulates data from profiles, expanding as app visits these profiles while running campaigns. It includes email information, profile descriptions, and allows users to add personal notes to individual cards. Furthermore, segmentation of the audience is facilitated through tags.

On the contrary, Zopto lacks this CRM feature. It only offers a list of individuals gathered within specific campaigns, without the ability to store comprehensive data or segment the audience effectively.

Linked Helper vs. Zopto screenshot of Zopto lead list
In Zopto, there is a list of leads, but there are no CRM capabilities.

Reason 22 – Independent License Transfer

Linked Helper provides the flexibility of transferring licenses independently. This feature allows users to manage and allocate licenses more effectively, adapting to changing team structures or user needs without relying on external support.

In Zopto, you cannot independently transfer a purchased license to a new LinkedIn profile.
Linked Helper vs. Zopto screenshot of support response about license transfer

In Zopto, this capability is only available if you contact customer support, and they remove your old profile from their side. This means that despite manually connecting the account each time you log in, you won’t be able to choose a different profile anymore.

Reason 23 – Custom Delays & Time-Outs

Linked Helper offers the flexibility to customize the tool’s schedule on various levels, allowing for a more personalized approach. For instance, users can set custom delays between each action in the funnel, define the start time for specific actions, or schedule the entire tool’s operation.

Linked Helper vs. Zopto screenshot of Linked Helper postpone start
In Linked Helper, you can delay the start of an action or add custom delays between actions.

While Zopto also allows scheduling tool operation, it lacks the feature of custom action delays, offering delays only between invites. For example, if you want to introduce a pause between liking and sending an invite, you can do so in Linked Helper but not in Zopto.

Linked Helper vs. Zopto screenshot of Linked Helper postpone action start
In Zopto, you can add custom delays only after sending an invite.

Reason 24 – Boost Post Action

The Boost Post action sets Linked Helper apart from many automation tools, including Zopto. This feature enables users to warm up their target audience, increase engagement, and expand organic reach before or without sending invites and messages. It also enhances the organic visibility of a post or another person’s post.

How does it work? Users simply insert the post link (either theirs or someone else’s) into the action, and the tool tags the target audience from their campaign in the comments under the post. Users can also specify the comment text.

As a result, they appear in the notifications of important leads, drawing attention to the post. Zopto lacks such a feature, making Linked Helper more versatile in its approach to audience engagement.

Reason 25 – Email Finder Credits Roll Over to the Next Month

In Linked Helper, with Standard and Pro licenses, you receive Email Finder credits (620 and 3,100, respectively) for searching emails outside your contact network. These credits can be purchased separately, and they accumulate, rolling over to the next month.

PeriodStandard LicensePRO License
1 month620 credits3100 credits 
3 months1860 credits 9300 credits
6 months3660 credits18300 credits
12 months7320 credits36600 credits

On the other hand, Zopto provides 5,000 credits for searching emails with each subscription, but these credits do not carry over to the next month nor accumulate.

Reason 26 – Message Analyzer Already in Operation

The Message Analyzer allows for optimizing the sending of auto-messages, taking into account manually sent messages. For example, you can specify keywords, based on which Linked Helper will decide whether to send auto-messages or not.

Screenshot filter by message content in Linked Helper
Linked Helper allows canceling message sending based on specified words.

As of the writing of this article, Zopto’s Message Analyzer feature is still in progress.

Reason 27 – Flexible Lead Inclusion

In Zopto, a strict rule dictates that leads cannot be part of two campaigns simultaneously. While this prevents overspamming, it also imposes limitations on lead generation. For instance, if you include a lead in an invitation campaign, adding them to another campaign for mass messaging becomes impossible.

Alt: Linked Helper vs. Zopto screenshot of Linked Helper postpone action start
In Zopto, identical people are automatically removed from different campaigns.

Linked Helper, on the other hand, doesn’t automatically exclude leads. Instead, you can manage them using the List Manager plugin, which removes intersections between campaigns and actions. This feature allows for the exclusion of duplicates, especially in mass messages between campaigns.

Screenshot of Linked Helper list manager plugin
Linked Helper List Manager allows excluding intersections in each action.

Reason 28 – Names in Auto Messages Without Extra Symbols

Many automation tools permit auto-messages without considering how the message will appear to the recipient. For example, if your lead’s name includes emojis, manually crafting a message would exclude those emojis. In Linked Helper, you can enable a feature that retains only the actual name or both the first and last names in the message. Unfortunately, this capability is not present in Zopto.

Screenshot of lead name with emoji in Linked Helper
Linked Helper removes unnecessary emojis from lead names in messages.

Reason 29 – Free Trial and Lower Cost

Despite Zopto’s interface glitches and technical issues, it lacks a free trial. In contrast, Linked Helper provides a complimentary trial period where users can explore the tool’s functionalities for two weeks. Additionally, users can receive an extra free month if someone new purchases a license through their referral link.

Moreover, even with the most expensive subscription tier, Linked Helper’s monthly cost is $150 lower than that of Zopto. Zopto’s Personal Monthly subscription starts at $195, while Linked Helper Pro is priced at $45 per month. The annual subscription cost for Linked Helper is $1,563 less than Zopto ($1,860 annually with a discount for Zopto, and $297 for Linked Helper). This substantial price difference significantly impacts lead generation costs, especially considering the technical issues often encountered in Zopto. 

Furthermore, Zopto requires an additional paid LinkedIn license, and it lacks many features that are available in Linked Helper, as outlined in the reasons above.

What’s in Zopto that’s not in Linked Helper?

Post Scheduler

In Zopto’s interface, there is the capability to create and schedule posts. This feature prevents using LinkedIn from various IP addresses for posting and automated actions, which could pose a risk to the account.

However, this feature in Zopto is somewhat rudimentary since LinkedIn allows post scheduling without using additional tools. Linked Helper, on the other hand, has access to the native interface of the social network in its software, where you can plan and post content.

AI-Assisted Templates

Zopto includes an integrated AI text message generator. Users can input a prompt and receive a ready-made message. This feature is not yet available in Linked Helper.

Nevertheless, in practice, users can generate similar messages in external text generators with more advanced algorithms and online search capabilities compared to those within Zopto. For example, in chat platforms like ‎Bard (Chat Based AI Tool from Google) or ChatGPT. However, it’s essential to remember that crafting a more human and creative text yourself and later asking AI to edit it might often yield better results.

Multichannel Campaigns

Zopto allows integration with other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, expanding the communication channels with leads. While this may be beneficial for some marketers, the majority predominantly utilize LinkedIn for business-related interactions and partnerships. 

Bombarding individuals across multiple social platforms might be overwhelming, and focusing on a single target platform often yields better results in quality outreach.

Linked Helper can work with Snov.io to send leads to email campaigns. But, the problem is, when someone responds to an email, Linked Helper isn’t keeping track of it or taking any follow-up actions.

Numerous Performance Graphs

Zopto boasts a diverse statistics dashboard featuring numerous visualized graphs and insights. This feature proves useful for a more in-depth analysis of campaign effectiveness and audience engagement.

Linked Helper vs. Zopto screenshot of Zopto graphs
In Zopto, there are a large number of graphs and insights about the progress of campaigns.

Both tools offer the ability to export and share statistics for further analysis and reporting.

Criteria-Based Tool Evaluation

Getting Started with the Tools

In the table below, we’ve outlined the difference in the initial user experience between Linked Helper and Zopto. One crucial distinction is that with Zopto, you’ll need to pay the full tool cost upfront, which is $195 for a monthly subscription. In Linked Helper, there is a 14-day trial period available before committing to a subscription.

Getting Started with the Tools linked helper zopto

Collecting Leads

The principles of lead search and collection differ between Linked Helper and Zopto and are described below in the differences table. Linked Helper facilitates a direct redirect to various LinkedIn pages.

Collecting Leads linked helper and zopto comparison

Filtering Leads

In this table, you can see the distinctions in the tools’ capabilities to make the selection more precise. Filters help include only the most valuable leads in a campaign.

Filtering Leads linked helper and zopto

Cross-Platform Processing: LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter

The table below highlights that Linked Helper provides more options for processing leads with different LinkedIn subscriptions, allowing for switching between subscriptions within one campaign.

Cross-Platform Processing: LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter

Drip Campaign & Campaign Templates

The difference between Zopto and Linked Helper is that Zopto lacks the ability to build a funnel with delays between actions. Also, Linked Helper offers ready-made templates for campaign selection, as shown below in the table.

Drip Campaign & Campaign Templates linked helper zopto

Scope of Automation

Linked Helper and Zopto offer different automation capabilities. Details can be found in the table below regarding the available actions in each tool.

Scope of Automation linked helper and zopto


Both tools allow personalized mass messages through variable changes. However, Linked Helper, unlike Zopto, provides the ability to analyze received messages for keywords.

Messaging linked helper and zopto

Action Limit

The table below describes the limits on each action. Zopto has fixed limits that cannot be changed and should not exceed 100 actions, whereas Linked Helper offers more flexibility in setting action limits.

Action Limit linked helper and zopto

*recommended adjustable default limit

Check the limits in our article “What kind of limits should I use?“. You can set this limit up to 80.

Data Export

In both tools, you can download CSV with data. Linked Helper has an additional organization scraper, as outlined in the table below.

Data Export linked helper and zopto

Customer Support and Resources

Zopto’s support service is available in the chat only for those who have already purchased a tool subscription. Linked Helper offers more support channels and a more detailed help manual base.

Customer Support and Resources linked helper and zopto

Scheduling & Timing

The table below details the differences in the ability to set up work schedules. Unlike Zopto, Linked Helper allows adding delays between each action in the funnel.

Scheduling & Timing. linked helper and zopto

Dashboard and Campaign Stats

In the table below, differences in presenting campaign results are examined. Zopto offers more variations of visual graphs for campaign insights.

Dashboard and Campaign Stats linked helper and zopto

Managing Accounts in Teams

Managing Accounts in Teams linked helper and zopto

Integrations with 3rd-Party Tools

Both tools can be synchronized with third-party CRM systems to transfer lead and message data. Linked Helper provides more possibilities for direct integration.

Integrations with 3rd-Party Tools linked helper and zopto

Pricing & Value

In the table below, you can see that a Zopto subscription is at least 13 times more expensive than a subscription to Linked Helper. More details on the plan comparison are available in the image. Zopto discount can be accumulated with a Quarterly license.

Pricing & Value linked helper and zopto

*150 actions/day – recommended safety limit. Invitations in Linked Helper Standard are not hard-coded to 50 / day, you can adjust this number.

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