25 Mar 2024
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Linked Helper vs. Waalaxy 2024: Which Is the Best LinkedIn Tool?

Linked Helper vs.Waalaxy 2023: LinkedIn automation tools comparison

Table of Contents

Waalaxy has gained popularity among LinkedIn lead generation professionals as a well-known Chrome extension. When choosing between Linked Helper and Waalaxy, it’s crucial to consider their pricing, which presents a significant disparity. Despite offering a free plan, Waalaxy’s subscription (which allows sending more than 80 invites per month) starts at €112 ($118), compared to Linked Helper’s $15 Standard plan.

Waalaxy provides a user-friendly experience with an intuitive and visually appealing interface. Users can create lead lists and manage multiple campaigns. 

 Linked Helper vs. Waalaxy Interface Comparison
Waalaxy campaign creation interface in the application window

However, it’s important to note that Waalaxy is still in its early stages and lacks many basic features available in Linked Helper, such as automated likes and endorsements. Let’s take a closer look at whether it’s worth paying nearly 10 times more for lead generation in Waalaxy.

Linked Helper vs. Waalaxy Interface Comparison
Linked Helper is a downloadable tool with an integrated browser

Key differences 

In the table below, you can see the main differences between the tools, which will help you evaluate Waalaxy as an alternative. Later in the text, we will elaborate on the reasons why you might prefer Linked Helper.

Waalaxy login is done through Chrome, while Linked Helper operates internally after downloading.

Linked Helper and Waalaxy key differences

28 Reasons to choose Linked Helper over Waalaxy

Reason #1 – LinkedIn account security

Although convenient due to its local (Chrome extension) and cloud capabilities, Waalaxy raises significant security concerns for LinkedIn users. Unlike downloaded software like Linked Helper, Waalaxy lacks transparency in its operations. Users cannot observe how Waalaxy conducts campaigns, making it challenging to assess its activities.

The search bar in the Linked Helper interface while working with the software
You can see how Linked Helper types people’s names letter by letter in the search.

The lack of transparency extends not only to the invisibility of the tool’s actions but also to the uncertainty of how they are performed. Therefore, we assume that it is done via API, which is not secure. This poses a risk, as LinkedIn’s security systems may interpret Waalaxy’s actions as automation, potentially resulting in account restrictions. In contrast, Linked Helper operates visibly by simulating user actions, clicking buttons within the browser window at random intervals. This transparency reduces the likelihood of triggering LinkedIn’s automated response mechanisms, ensuring a safer user experience.

Delay settings and text input method in the Linked Helper interface.
Linked Helper allows you to manually increase or decrease pauses between actions.

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Reason #2 – Custom variables loaded via CSV

In Linked Helper, you have the ability to add custom variables from a CSV file. These variables can include personalized information from recipients’ LinkedIn profiles, such as details from their bios or work experience. 

Upload CSV with custom variables in Linked Helper
Linked Helper allows you to upload a CSV file with custom variables for each lead

Once added to the CSV file, these variables become available within the software, allowing you to craft highly personalized opening lines for your messages.

Screenshot of user reviews from Waalaxy Public Roadmap
A Waalaxy user requests the addition of custom variables from CSV in the tool

However, this feature is currently lacking in Waalaxy. Users find this absence significant (based on Waalaxy reviews) because the effectiveness of their outreach often depends on these personalized lines. 

When your messages are tailored to individuals using information from their profiles, they are more likely to receive positive responses, which is a crucial aspect of successful communication on LinkedIn.

Screenshot of user reviews from Waalaxy Public Roadmap
A Waalaxy user requests the addition of custom variables from CSV in the tool

In Waalaxy, unlike Linked Helper, there are limited built-in variables: only name, surname, and company name. Additionally, if the company is absent on the page, the recipient will encounter an empty field in the message. This leads us to the next point.

Screenshot of Waalaxy message creation window
Waalaxy offers only 3 built-in variables in the message constructor

Reason #3 – If-Then-Else operators to avoid empty spaces in auto messages

A significant advantage of Linked Helper over Waalaxy is the presence of logical operators in message settings. These are crucial when using custom variables to prevent awkward situations where a person might receive a message with a space (for instance, if the variable “education” is not specified in their profile).

Screenshot of Linked Helper message creation window
Message creation window in Linked Helper with the ability to set dynamic variables

In If-Then-Else logic, you can specify an alternative message if the variable is missing. This way, none of the recipients will suspect that you are communicating through automated messages.

Reason #4 – Sorting responses by date

In the Waalaxy forum, users express their need to sort messages by response dates. Additionally, the exported file does not include response text.

Screenshot of Waalaxy user review from their Public Roadmap
Waalaxy user suggests developers add message filtering by date

Linked Helper offers this feature – when downloading a CSV file, there is a column with response dates. Moreover, it includes the entire conversation history. You can download correspondence history with lead information or separately.

Screenshot of the Linked Helper campaign template for exporting message history
Linked Helper campaign template to export message history to a file or another service

Reason #5 – Choose to send messages even if they replied 

Waalaxy has a significant limitation as revealed in reviews – once you receive a response from a lead, users claim that you cannot include them in subsequent actions to send more messages.

Screenshot of Waalaxy user review from their Public Roadmap
Waalaxy user suggests developers give the user the choice to add a lead to a campaign again or not

As one user pointed out, while this feature can be useful, it simultaneously restricts functionality. 

In Linked Helper, there is an option to ignore responses when you need to reintegrate a lead into the campaign. This ensures that the profile remains excluded from the Replied list, enabling the sending of subsequent follow-up messages. For detailed information, please refer to the knowledge base by following this link.

Reason #6 – Variety of personalized images

Screenshot of Waalaxy user review from their Public Roadmap
Waalaxy user suggests developers add integration with Hyperise, which is already available in Linked Helper

Waalaxy currently does not allow adding images to messages with custom text or preview links containing lead page data, such as their name, campaign name, job title, etc. Linked Helper, on the other hand, supports integration with Hyperise and Uclic, enabling your messages to feature creative and personal banners and links.

Reason #7 – Auto deletion of outgoing invites & cleaning the first degree connections

Waalaxy lacks a crucial feature – the ability to remove connections who have not accepted your invitation for a long time. This is important because LinkedIn measures pending invites to determine your invitation limit and the level of spamminess.

Screenshot of Waalaxy user review from their Public Roadmap
Waalaxy user suggests developers add the ability to cancel outgoing invites, a feature available in Linked Helper

Linked Helper offers a Sent Invite Canceller feature. You can set a date from which you want to remove outgoing invites.

Reason #8 – Available skill endorsements

Waalaxy users have fervently requested the addition of this feature, which has long been available in Linked Helper. 

Screenshot of Waalaxy user review from their Public Roadmap
Waalaxy user suggests developers add an auto endorsing feature, which is available in Linked Helper

This is another point in favor of choosing Linked Helper. According to our test described in the article, endorsements are well-received by users. Offering endorsements can enhance your profile’s credibility significantly.


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Reason #9 – Auto likes on posts

This function is also missing in current Waalaxy users’ arsenal. It can be a vital step in the social selling funnel. Starting with likes allows you to appear in notifications and subtly show interest. In Linked Helper, you can add likes to posts and articles in any campaign.

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Reason #10 – Auto post comments

Alongside likes, leaving comments is crucial. This action is absent in most auto tools, including Waalaxy, but not Linked Helper. Additionally, you can diversify the comment text with custom variables, similar to messages, incorporating the person’s name, job title, or company name.

Reason #11 – Email search 

Waalaxy, unlike Linked Helper, has a more modest potential for email searches. Only the Business plan provides access to the Enrichment feature – email searches outside your contact network. Waalaxy Email Finder operates through integration with Dropcontact and has a limit of 500 found emails.

In Linked Helper, email searches on the Standard plan start with 620 included emails. On the Pro plan, you can find 3,100 included emails. These credits can be used even on the first day if you need to find emails quickly. Additional credits can also be purchased

PeriodStandard LicensePRO License
1 month620 credits3100 credits 
3 months1860 credits 9300 credits
6 months3660 credits18300 credits
12 months7320 credits36600 credits

Email searches work through the internal Email Finder tool (a database of all Linked Helper users) and integration with Snov.io (paid search and validation of business emails based on name and company name).

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Reason #12 – More options for uploading users into campaigns

Linked Helper offers more ways to add leads to campaigns. 

Alt: Screenshot of Waalaxy lead collection sources in the application
Waalaxy offers a limited set of lead collection sources

Unlike Linked Helper, Waalaxy lacks:

  • The ability to insert user URLs directly. This feature can be convenient when you have a file of links that you want to quickly copy into your campaign.
  • Importing followers. Unlike Waalaxy competitors, it lacks the feature to seamlessly import your followers / following into the campaign.
  • Pasting links directly from search results (only redirect to a new LinkedIn search page).
Screenshot of Waalaxy lead collection sources in the auto-import feature
Waalaxy offers auto-import on paid plans with these import options

Both tools allow sourcing after filters, CSV files containing links to lead profiles, those who commented on a post, visited profiles, and other audiences. 

Reason #13 – Open Link filter in CRM

Both Waalaxy and Linked Helper have CRMs displaying leads from past campaigns. However, Linked Helper excels with its Open Link filter. This feature allows you to collect profiles from searches and segregate those whose profiles are “open.” For more detailed instructions on how to do this, please read our help article.

Screenshot of Waalaxy CRM filters for lead sorting
Waalaxy has a rich set of CRM filters but lacks an open link filter

You can send them free InMails, even with basic profiles. This functionality is not available in Waalaxy, making Linked Helper a better choice for growing your social selling efforts.

Reason #14 – Sending free and paid InMails

Linked Helper’s Open Link filter contributes to sending free InMails, expanding outreach possibilities. Waalaxy generally lacks an action for sending InMails, and there is no Open Profile filter. Therefore, if reaching diverse audiences outside your network through messages is crucial, Linked Helper is the choice.

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Reason #15 – Incomplete lead profile

Despite its user-friendly interface and filters, Waalaxy’s lead profile is not as comprehensive. It often requires revisiting social network profiles for additional details. 

Screenshot of Waalaxy client card interface
Waalaxy does not provide all profile data in the CRM client card

In contrast, Linked Helper’s CRM displays a complete client card with a headline, full summary, and comprehensive work and education history. This information is also visible in the exported CSV file.

Reason #16 – Switching between LinkedIn subscriptions within a campaign

Linked Helper offers a unique feature that Waalaxy lacks – “Override platform.” You can have a subscription for Sales Navigator and basic LinkedIn simultaneously and use both in one campaign. 

This flexibility allows you to switch between subscriptions for different actions. For instance, liking posts through the basic profile while sorting leads through Sales Navigator (e.g., searching via groups).

Reason #17 – Faster & 24/7 support responses

Screenshot of Waalaxy chat window with customer support
Waalaxy support may take several hours to respond and is not available at night

With Linked Helper, you can expect a response within 15 minutes from humans. Moreover, Linked Helper provides additional contact options, including in-app chat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, making support convenient for everyone available 24/7.

Reason #18 – “Boost Post” feature

Linked Helper stands out with its Boost Post feature. You can quickly increase engagement under any post, reaching an audience beyond your contacts. 

Linked Helper Boost Post Action Interface
In Linked Helper, this action puts tags with leads in the comments under the post

The tool automatically leaves comments under specified posts, tagging relevant people. This unique, limitless capability enables subtle engagement essential for social selling.

Reason #19 – Invitations to groups

LinkedIn communities serve as both lead sources and platforms for your work. While you can nurture a group with content for your clients using Linked Helper, this action is nearly impossible in Waalaxy. How to use LinkedIn groups to generate leads with Linked Helper.

Unlike Waalaxy, Linked Helper allows you to create campaigns focused on developing a group or include this action in any campaign.

Reason #20 – Company profile boost

Developing your company’s LinkedIn page is crucial. 

Screenshot of Waalaxy User Review from Public Roadmap
Waalaxy user requests developers to add a feature for auto-inviting to a company page

A well-developed page attracts more clients. 

Linked Helper allows you to add an auto-invitation action to your organization’s page in any workflow. 

Linked Helper Invite to Organization Page Interface
Linked Helper has an action to invite to the organization’s page

Unfortunately, this feature is absent in Waalaxy (but vital for prospecting)!

Reason #21 – Data export

When it comes to exporting data, Waalaxy falls short. In Waalaxy, exporting data happens solely through email, adding an extra step where you have to open the email and then download the file. In contrast, Linked Helper simplifies this process. You can directly download the data without any additional steps, streamlining your workflow and saving you valuable time.

Screenshot of Waalaxy Lead Export List for CSV
Waalaxy can only send a CSV with leads to your email; you cannot download it.

Furthermore, the exported data in Waalaxy lacks depth. In Linked Helper, the exported CSV file provides you with a wealth of information. Apart from profile links and names, it includes extensive details such as full work and education histories, complete message threads (only Pro license), and all filled sections on LinkedIn profiles. This depth of information equips you with valuable context for meaningful conversations with your leads.

Screenshot of Waalaxy CSV Table after Parsing Profiles
Waalaxy’s CSV does not include all data from the lead’s profile, unlike Linked Helper

Both tools offer the ability to transfer lead data to other CRMs using Zapier integration.

Reason #22 – Export and analyze message history

When you’re communicating with hundreds of people and receiving responses, it can be challenging to manage LinkedIn messages individually. Linked Helper offers a powerful solution: you can download the entire message history with Pro license. This feature allows you to save the conversation history both as a standalone action and by downloading the list of leads, providing you with a comprehensive record of your interactions.

Screenshot showing Linked Helper CSV file with complete message history and dates in one cell
Linked Helper CSV includes the entire message history with dates in a single cell

This capability becomes a valuable lifehack for Sales Navigator users who want to retain their data even after canceling their subscription. The message history remains accessible within Linked Helper and can be downloaded. 

By copying this data into AI tools, you can analyze the responses thoroughly. This analysis empowers you to develop effective strategies for handling objections and crafting compelling follow-up messages tailored to your leads’ specific needs and concerns.

Reason #23 – Best company scraper

One significant advantage of Linked Helper over many other automation tools, including Waalaxy, is its ability to scrape company pages. While Waalaxy and similar tools often lack this functionality, Linked Helper excels in this area. In a dedicated campaign or together with people extracting, Linked Helper can scrape organizations.

Linked Helper can extract details such as the company’s description, the number of employees, location, website, and other pertinent data. This comprehensive information equips you with valuable insights that are crucial for in-depth market research and a better understanding of your niche and target market. 

Reason #24 – Custom action sets and templates

One of the key features that sets Linked Helper apart is its flexibility in creating customized action sets. Users often express the desire to arrange actions in a sequence that suits their specific needs, and Linked Helper fulfills this requirement.

In contrast, Waalaxy users have shared their wish to customize action sequences, but this feature is currently unavailable. In Linked Helper, users have the freedom to create an entirely new campaign and add any combination of actions they prefer. This level of customization allows for tailored and precise outreach strategies.

Screenshot of Waalaxy User Review from Public Roadmap
Waalaxy users request the ability to create custom campaigns, a feature available in Linked Helper

Reason #25 – Scheduled campaign start

When setting up a campaign in Waalaxy, you can launch it immediately. However, Linked Helper offers the advantage of scheduling campaigns for a delayed start by specifying a predetermined date and time. This feature allows for strategic planning well in advance, ensuring campaigns are executed precisely when intended.

Screenshot of Linked Helper Postpone Action Start
Linked Helper allows setting the start date for each action and the entire campaign

Additionally, unlike Waalaxy, Linked Helper enables users to set specific schedules for each individual action within the campaign, offering granular control over the timing and sequence of activities. 

Reason #26 – Visible failed profiles and ability to retry

In Linked Helper, during your campaign, you will be able to see which profiles were not processed successfully. They will be visible separately and marked with the reason for the failure. This gives you complete control over the campaign and ensures that no lead goes unnoticed. 

In Waalaxy, according to their support response, you will have to seek their assistance if the number of processed leads differs from the import.

Screenshot of Waalaxy Customer Support Response
Waalaxy support stated that you cannot see profile fails and re-add them to the campaign

Reason #27 – Native Integration with HubSpot, Pipedrive, Close

A standout feature of Linked Helper is its native integration with major CRMs like HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Close. This enables users to effortlessly connect, transfer lead data, migrate messages, and manage custom variables — all within the Linked Helper platform. The integration is not only deep but also remarkably user-friendly.

Access all lead contacts and messages within the HubSpot platform's data.
Access all lead contacts and messages within the HubSpot platform’s data.

In contrast, Waalaxy offers only one native CRM integration, specifically with NOCRM. A notable difference is that, for HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Close integrations in Waalaxy, users must rely on setting up through webhooks. This implies that the level of integration and user experience offered by Linked Helper is not replicated in Waalaxy.

Reason #28 – Almost 10X lower price

Despite the technical differences and the richer feature set, Linked Helper is significantly more affordable than Waalaxy. 

For example, a subscription to Linked Helper’s standard plan starts at $15, whereas Waalaxy’s monthly tariffs begin at $118 or €112, as indicated on their website!

It’s important to note that this subscription tier for Waalaxy does not include credits for email searches. 

Screenshot of Waalaxy Tariff Prices
Waalaxy’s prices, when paid monthly, are almost 10 times more expensive than Linked Helper’s starter subscription

Even the most advanced plan offered by Linked Helper at $124 is cheaper than the equivalent plan in Waalaxy every month. Moreover, annually, the subscription cost for Waalaxy’s most advanced plan is 3.4 times higher than Linked Helper’s equivalent plan. Life without LinkedIn Recruiter: How to cut down hiring cost

What’s in Waalaxy that’s not in Linked Helper?

#1 Direct email synchronization

In Waalaxy, you can create a funnel within a campaign that includes actions on LinkedIn and transitions to emails. This is convenient and doesn’t require additional steps. However, this functionality is available only in the Business plan, which includes 500 email searches and starts at €160 per month.

Linked Helper doesn’t have direct email integration but offers seamless integration with the service Snov.io. This service is used for email searches, validation, and organizing mailings. The subscription, including 1,000 search credits and 5,000 emails in mailings, starts at $39 per month. Even combined with Linked Helper’s most expensive monthly subscription at $45, it is cheaper than the Waalaxy Business subscription.

#2 Permanent free plan

In Waalaxy, you can send 80 invitations for free. But do you really need it? This is a great opportunity for beginners to expand their network and try automation. However, with all the limitations in features and network expansion, the free plan is unlikely to have a significant impact on lead generation or serious business efforts. 

In Linked Helper, there is a two-week trial period during which you can test all Pro features and make an informed decision.

Criteria-based tool evaluation

Getting started with the tools

Waalaxy works without downloading. An extension window appears in LinkedIn, and there is a separate tab for the Waalaxy app. Linked Helper has a standalone interface that opens after installation.

Getting started with the tools linked helper waalaxy alternative

Collecting leads

Unlike Linked Helper, Waalaxy restricts various methods of importing leads. It does not allow importing followers and following lists or inserting URLs directly to people’s profiles. 

waalaxy alternative linked helper Collecting leads

Filtering leads

Unlike Linked Helper, Waalaxy does not allow you to include a lead in two different campaigns simultaneously. In many cases, this limitation might be considered a drawback rather than an advantage. Additionally, Waalaxy lacks an “open profile” filter for sending free InMails, which could impact your outreach strategy.

Filtering leads waalaxy alternative

Cross-platform processing: LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter

The table below shows that Waalaxy does not support Recruiter. However, it allows working with emails within the application.

Cross-platform processing: LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter

Drip campaign & campaign templates

Both tools offer a variety of templates for different lead generation scenarios, audience nurturing, and more. However, unlike Linked Helper, Waalaxy does not allow you to create custom campaigns, and many actions are not available yet. 

Drip campaign & campaign templates Linked Helper, Waalaxy

Scope of automation

Since Linked Helper is more focused on LinkedIn automation, below you can see that the tool offers more actions for LinkedIn work.

Linked Helper, Waalaxy Scope of automation


Waalaxy lacks the capability to send personalized images. Both Linked Helper and Waalaxy allow you to export responses through Zapier to other CRM systems.

linked helper waalaxy Messaging comparison

Action limit

The activity limits in both Waalaxy and Linked Helper depend on the type of subscription you have. For example, Waalaxy on Sales Navigator allows you to send more invitations. Surpassing the limit set by LinkedIn is not possible on either platform. 

Action limit linked helper waalaxy

*Limits are not hard-coded. You can adjust them. 

Data export

In the table below, you can see the data you will obtain when downloading information from LinkedIn. Linked Helper provides a more extensive dataset, including details such as message history and company data. 

Data export Linked Helper vs Waalaxy

Customer support and resources

Below, you can find a comparison of the customer support services provided by Waalaxy and Linked Helper. Despite Waalaxy having a comprehensive knowledge base and YouTube channel, their customer support is not available on weekends and during evenings and nights.

Customer support and resources linked helper waalaxy

Scheduling & timing

Both tools allow you to schedule your automation activities. However, Linked Helper offers more flexibility in scheduling. Linked Helper enables you to start campaigns or individual actions at specified times.

Scheduling & timing linked helper waalaxy

Dashboard and campaign stats

Meet Alfred does not have a dashboard with campaign results. The difference is further detailed in the table.

Dashboard and campaign stats linked helper waalaxy

Managing accounts in teams

With the Waalaxy Team system, you can manage multiple accounts from a single interface and pay from a single account for all members added to the company. Linked Helper offers teamwork on a dedicated server. 

Managing accounts in teams linked helper waalaxy

Integrations with 3rd-party tools

Both Waalaxy and Linked Helper offer integration options with external CRM systems. 

Integrations with 3rd-party tools

Pricing & value

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, Linked Helper stands out by offering lead generation at a price point almost 10 times lower than Waalaxy. 

Pricing & value Waalaxy and linked helper

* Recommended safety limits:

  • 150 actions / day
  • 60 endorsements / day
  • 50-80 invited / day
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