How to write a LinkedIn recommendation: Top guide 2023

How to write a LinkedIn recommendation: Top guide

If you ever experience the all-too-common challenge of struggling to compose a LinkedIn recommendation, whether due to a creative roadblock or a lack of time, rest assured that you’re not alone. Additionally, you may not be familiar with the conventional style of recommendations within your specific industry. However, despite the rise of alternative recruitment methods, recommendations still carry significant weight with recruiters in 2023.

That’s why it’s imperative to read this article in its entirety, as it offers explicit guidance and illustrations on how to give and request LinkedIn recommendations that are both genuine and impactful. You’ll also discover an ingenious life hack for procuring a wealth of recommendations by reaching out to your contacts through Linked Helper. Moreover, the article presents a foolproof method for rapidly generating recommendation text using ChatGPT, which can prove invaluable if you’re uncertain about the appropriate language or pressed for time.

how to write a linkedin recommendation example for 2023

Furthermore, the article imparts valuable tips on how to compose your own recommendation text with confidence and features current trends and templates that can inspire you or be used verbatim to craft compelling recommendation text. So, even in 2023, LinkedIn recommendations remain a crucial tool for job seekers and professionals seeking to bolster their credibility and visibility.

How to write a LinkedIn recommendation checklist

How and why to write a recommendation on LinkedIn

We’ve been contemplating whether writing recommendations is still a worthwhile effort and to what extent recruiters actually place trust in them. After some sleuthing on online forums, we’ve deduced that recommendations only carry weight if they’re of exceptional quality and composed by a credible source, preferably one of your clients or superiors. Rave reviews from your colleagues at the same job level simply won’t cut it when it comes to securing employment. However, positive feedback from past clients can prove invaluable in drawing in a wider customer base that checks out your profile.

What are recommendations and why is it important to give and receive them?

Recommendations can only be given to first-level contacts on LinkedIn. They provide additional information about a person’s background and strengths from a third-party perspective, which can help you stand out to employers, leads, or potential business partners.

In your LinkedIn profile, both the recommendations you have given and received are displayed. By actively giving recommendations, you can motivate others to leave recommendations on your profile.

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Does having recommendations impact your LinkedIn search ranking?

Many articles suggest that having more recommendations on your profile leads to a higher ranking in search results. However, we tested this theory and found no direct link between the number of recommendations and ranking.

We searched for UX designers and found two profiles on the first page of general results, each with 5-11 recommendations mostly from former colleagues. 

how to write a linkedin recommendation ranking results on LinkedIn

These individuals are discussing #uxdesigner and using this hashtag in their posts. While they may not necessarily hold the position of a UX designer, they are typically influential figures within the industry. This piqued our curiosity, and we wondered whether they had any recommendations.

how to write a linkedin recommendation ux designer recommendation

But when we searched for people and reviewed the top 5 positions, only the first profile had recommendations. Moreover, other factors like work experience, skills, and profile completeness may have influenced the ranking.

how to write a linkedin recommendation search for ux designer
how to write a linkedin recommendation with examples for higher ranking

As none of the other profiles in the top 5 had recommendations, it’s unclear whether recommendations help boost your ranking in LinkedIn’s algorithm. The words in recommendations aren’t highlighted in search results, and only keywords in the summary (skills) matter.

Nevertheless, recommendations remain important, and recruiters do read them, according to answers on forums (like Quora threads). Recommendations carry more weight than endorsements or site recommendations because they’re written by real people on LinkedIn, whose credibility can be researched if desired. This isn’t possible with anonymous reviews or screenshots of reviews from anonymous messages (which many people don’t trust because of possible Photoshop manipulation).

Do recruiters read recommendations on LinkedIn? 

According to answers on Quora, yes, they do. We collected some opinions that demonstrate the importance of recommendations when viewing your profile.

The LinkedIn trainer says: “Yes, we read them!”

Do recruiters read recommendations on LinkedIn Quora answer

But it’s not always a top priority… Even when scrolling through LinkedIn profiles, we see that the Recommendations section is closer to the bottom of the page.

Do recruiters read recommendations on LinkedIn Quora answer
Do recruiters read recommendations on LinkedIn opinion from Quora

After examining a multitude of nearly 50 forum responses, we have concluded – when recruiters assess recommendations, they consider several factors due to the inherent skepticism associated with them. LinkedIn recommendations are typically provided by individuals who have a personal relationship with the candidate, which can make them less reliable. Here are some key factors that recruiters take into account when evaluating recommendations:

  • Source of the recommendation: Recommendations from the top leadership of the candidate’s current or client company are generally viewed as the most trustworthy. This is because top leaders are unlikely to provide false recommendations.
  • Reciprocal recommendations: Recruiters are cautious of recommendations that are given in exchange for receiving recommendations. This is viewed as a trade-off and is not given much value.
  • No recommendations: If a candidate has no recommendations, recruiters often inquire why this is the case. Ideally, a candidate should have 4-5 recommendations from the client leadership or leadership of their current company. Such recommendations would enhance the candidate’s credibility and improve their chances of getting hired.
how to write a linkedin recommendation advice from Quora

By taking these factors into account, recruiters can make a more informed evaluation of a candidate’s recommendations and make better hiring decisions.

The issue at hand is fake recommendations

As previously noted, recruiters are wary of recommendations that appear to be fake. Since anyone in your first-degree connections can leave a recommendation for you and you have the option to display it on your profile or not, the problem of fake recommendations is a significant one.

However, most recruiters are able to identify fake recommendations easily. They may inquire about suspicious recommendations during the interview process, or they may simply overlook candidates with dubious recommendations. As a result, creating fake recommendations is not a worthwhile investment of time or effort.

Moreover, prospective employers, recruiters, and hiring managers can simply click through the profile of the person who provided the recommendation to further investigate and vet the job candidate. They can also contact the person and ask for additional information about their opinion of the candidate.

In the remainder of this article, we will examine the red flags that recruiters use to identify fake recommendations.

How to leave a recommendation 

You have the option to write a recommendation for your 1st-degree connections, such as colleagues, coworkers, or students, to acknowledge their work. If the recipient chooses to display it on their profile, it can showcase their skills and experience.

If someone requests a recommendation from you, you’ll receive a message notification in your LinkedIn inbox.

To recommend a 1st-degree connection from their profile on desktop, follow these steps:

  • Go to the profile of the connection you want to recommend.
  • Click the More button located in the introduction section.
  • Select Recommend from the dropdown menu.
how to give a recommendation on linkedin tutorial
  • Fill out the Relationship and Position at the time fields in the pop-up window, and then click Next.
how to give a recommendation on linkedin sections
  • Craft your personalized recommendation in the message field.
  • Hit the Send button to submit your recommendation.

It’s important to write a thoughtful and specific recommendation that highlights the skills and accomplishments of the individual. This can enhance their professional credibility and help them stand out among other job seekers or professionals in their field.

You can check the instructions in the LinkedIn tutorial. 

How to prepare the main text of a recommendation

To write an effective LinkedIn recommendation, consider the following tips:

  • Research the common practices in your specific industry or situation to understand what to include in your recommendation.
  • Quality is more important than quantity as numerous recommendations may not have as much impact as they used to. For instance, if a recruiter is evaluating an executive’s capability to revive a company that’s been declining for two years, reading reviews about their friendly personality won’t be of much help.
best recommendation on linkedin advice from quora
  • Use specific examples. They demonstrate the candidate’s qualities and achievements and have a greater impact than general statements. When recruiters browse LinkedIn for recommendations, they are looking for ones that are unique and provide insight into the candidate. They want to learn about the candidate’s strengths, teamwork abilities, and problem-solving skills. Recommendations with specific examples are especially valuable, as they paint a clearer picture of the candidate’s achievements. For instance, instead of just saying “Mary increased sales,” it’s more impressive to say “Mary increased sales by 47% in just one year!”
  • Consider the source of the recommendation, as those from actual clients or colleagues carry more weight than those from acquaintances.
  • Answer questions about the candidate’s relationship with you.

When writing a quality recommendation, it’s important to address key questions that showcase the candidate’s strengths and abilities:

  1. What’s your connection with the candidate, and in what capacity did you work with them? Were you their boss, team member, or someone they managed?
  2. How long did you collaborate with the candidate, and in what role?
  3. What specific qualities make the candidate stand out as a good hire?
  4. How did the candidate demonstrate these qualities, and what were the outcomes of their actions?

While including concrete examples is helpful, there’s no need to go overboard.

If you can’t provide a meaningful and relevant recommendation, it’s better to avoid writing one altogether. A bad recommendation can harm both the candidate and the recommender.

Avoiding Red Flags and using specific language

According to a post on Quora discussing how recruiters are advised to identify fake LinkedIn recommendations, we’ve put together a list of don’ts. Don’t write in a way that could get your recommendation unfairly flagged as fake.

best recommendation on linkedin advice from qoura

Here are the main points to consider when writing a LinkedIn recommendation:

  • Avoid poor language quality, formal or scripted tone, and lack of specific details and anecdotes.
  • Don’t endorse or write recommendations for people you have only worked with for a short time.
  • Ensure your own profile credibility before endorsing or writing a recommendation for someone else.

Keep in mind that these are potential red flags and not definitive proof of a fake recommendation.

❌ Here are some examples of generic or clichéd language that can be found in LinkedIn recommendations:

  • “She is a team player.”
  • “He is a hard worker.”
  • “She is a great asset to any team.”
  • “He is a problem-solver.”
  • “She has excellent communication skills.”
  • “He is a natural leader.”
  • “She is detail-oriented.”
  • “He is always willing to go the extra mile.”
  • “She has a positive attitude.”
  • “He is a quick learner.”

While these phrases may not necessarily be false, they don’t provide much detail or context about the person’s skills and accomplishments. Genuine recommendations should be specific and provide examples to back up their claims.

🔥 Here are some alternative examples that are more specific and provide context:

  • “She consistently brought new ideas to the table and actively collaborated with team members to implement them, resulting in a 25% increase in productivity.”
  • “He consistently exceeded performance goals and regularly volunteered for additional responsibilities, demonstrating his strong work ethic.”
  • “She played a crucial role in a major project, utilizing her exceptional problem-solving skills to overcome unexpected challenges and ensure successful completion.”
  • “He effectively communicated complex information to both technical and non-technical stakeholders, simplifying complex concepts and ensuring alignment on project goals.”
  • “She led a team of five in a highly challenging project, consistently delivering high-quality work while keeping morale high.”
  • “He demonstrated great attention to detail by meticulously reviewing all project deliverables and identifying potential issues before they became problems.”
  • “She showed remarkable dedication by frequently staying late and coming in on weekends to ensure timely completion of a critical project.”
  • “He consistently maintained a positive attitude and motivated team members even during stressful times, earning the respect and admiration of his colleagues.”
  • “She quickly grasped new concepts and was able to apply them to her work, significantly reducing the onboarding time for new team members.”
  • “He took on additional responsibilities outside of his job description, demonstrating his versatility and commitment to the company’s success.”

Use ChatGPT as a LinkedIn recommendation generator

For those who are too busy to write, lack confidence in their writing abilities, or need to write a recommendation in a non-native language to a native speaker, using GPT to generate recommendation text is a helpful option.

In our recent article, we delved into what ChatGPT is. It’s a chatbot that operates with text and can write any genre or complexity of text based on input data. To input into the chat, you can provide brief impressions or facts about working with a particular person. 

What did we do? We asked ChatGPT what data it needs to compose a recommendation, and according to this input, we filled out the fields with examples from our experience.

The AI requested this data to generate a superb recommendation:

  • Name and job title of the person you’re recommending. Let’s say it’s Mary Jones, TikTok Promotion Specialist.
  • Specific skills and accomplishments that set them apart. For example, Mary helped us go from 0 to 132K followers and one million likes in just six months. She’s a pro at creating killer content, analyzing data, and running ads on TikTok.
  • The industry or field they work in. In Mary’s case, it’s social media marketing and content production.
  • Your relationship with them, whether you’re a colleague, supervisor, client, or whatever. In our case, we found Mary’s services on Upwork and worked with her as a client.
  • The context in which you worked together, such as on a project or in a team. Mary helped us with an online course for developers and later joined us for blockchain conferences and meetups.
  • Specific examples or anecdotes that showcase skills or achievements. For instance, Mary had some brilliant ideas during our weekly calls, and not just for video content. She also came up with killer promotion plans. Even though our profile didn’t grow much in the first month, after three months we saw a 58% increase in followers and registrations on our platform.  By the sixth month, we were receiving nearly twice as many applications. We are grateful for Mary’s humor, and professionalism, and for not letting us give up from the start.

Then, we created the prompt using the filled-out data and got the best recommendation text for LinkedIn (detailed and unique). 

{Write unique and detailed LinkedIn recommendation based on this data:}

how to generate best recommendation on linkedin with chatgpt

Overall, the result could be used for inserting into the necessary text box on LinkedIn, with the text being within the allowed 3000 characters.

I am delighted to write this LinkedIn recommendation for Mary Jones, a TikTok Promotion Specialist who helped us achieve impressive results in just six months. As a client who found Mary’s services on Upwork, I can confidently say that Mary is an expert in social media marketing and content production.

Mary’s skills and accomplishments are exceptional. She helped us go from 0 to 132K followers and one million likes on TikTok in just six months. She is a pro at creating killer content, analyzing data, and running ads on TikTok. Her insights and ideas have been invaluable to our business.

Our collaboration with Mary began with her assisting us with an online course for developers. Later, Mary joined us for blockchain conferences and meetups. Her contributions were remarkable. During our weekly calls, Mary would often share her brilliant ideas, not just for video content, but also for killer promotion plans.

Mary’s professionalism and humor made working with her an absolute pleasure. She remained focused on our goals and didn’t let us give up from the start. Even though our profile didn’t grow much in the first month, Mary’s guidance and persistence paid off after three months, with a 58% increase in followers and registrations on our platform. By the sixth month, we were receiving nearly twice as many applications.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend Mary Jones to anyone looking for a TikTok Promotion Specialist. Mary’s skills, expertise, and professionalism are unparalleled. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and we are grateful for the exceptional results she has helped us achieve.

Afterward, we tried to shorten the text and make it more informal.

how to make best recommendation on linkedin chatgpt prompt

Then, we decided to translate the first recommendation text into Spanish, to adapt it to Mary’s native language.

best recommendation on linkedin translation with chatgpt

In the end, we were pleased with how ChatGPT generates recommendation texts based on the questionnaire it provided. All you have to do is fill it out with examples relevant to your experience. You won’t have to rack your brain over what to write, how to write it, and how to avoid mistakes, especially in a non-native language.

You can also include excerpts from the summary or work experience sections in your prompt if you want to add more relevant details or confirm what is written in the profile. But it’s important to include facts about your personal experience with the person based on the questionnaire we provided earlier in this chapter.

The Linked Helper scraping tool can be helpful to download a table, especially if users need to create recommendations for 50-100 subordinates or contacts to avoid having to read each profile.

Read how the Linked Helper Scraper works. 

How to request a recommendation on LinkedIn

The process of requesting a recommendation is well explained in this video.

If you’re looking to request a recommendation from a connection, you can easily do so by following these simple steps:

First, navigate to the profile of the 1st-degree connection you want to request a recommendation from. Once there, click on the More icon located in the top section of the profile. From there, select Request a recommendation.

How to request a recommendation on LinkedIn screenshot

After you click on the Request a recommendation option, a pop-up window will appear. You’ll need to fill out the “Relationship” and “Position at the time” fields to give your connection an idea of your professional background. Then, click on Next.

To personalize your LinkedIn recommendation request, you can include a personalized message in the message field. It’s always recommended to do so to increase your chances of getting a response. Once you’re satisfied with your message, click Send.

How to request a recommendation on LinkedIn sections example

You can also request a recommendation from the Recommendations section of your profile. However, this section will only be displayed once you give or receive a recommendation that isn’t hidden.

How to ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn via Linked Helper

If you need recommendations urgently to quickly fill up your page, you can use automation through LinkedIn Helper. Here’s how you can go about it.

Download the Linked Helper free trial version

You can try our software for 14 days and request support 24/7. Right after setup and login, create an Empty campaign. Learn how to create campaigns in our knowledge base or in the video tutorial.

How to request a recommendation on LinkedIn with linked helper campaign

Endorse 1-2 of their skills

To do this, add the action “Endorse my contacts” as the first step in your campaign. Click on “Add action” → “Add.”

How to request a recommendation on LinkedIn add endorse skills action

Send a message requesting a recommendation

Then, add the action “Message to 1st connections.

How to request a recommendation on LinkedIn add message to 1st connections

You can use a similar polite template to request a recommendation and insert it into the “Template Editor.”

Hello [Client’s Name],

I hope this message finds you well. It was a pleasure working with you in the past, and I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with such a professional and knowledgeable individual.

I am reaching out today to ask if you would be willing to provide me with a recommendation on LinkedIn. I understand that you may be busy, so I would be happy to provide you with a summary of our past cooperation to make the process as easy as possible.

Your endorsement and feedback would be invaluable to me and would help me to continue building my professional reputation. I would be grateful for any time you could spare to write a recommendation, and I am happy to reciprocate if there is anything I can do for you.

Thank you for considering my request, and I look forward to staying in touch.

How to request a recommendation on LinkedIn with auto message

You can offer a recommendation text you’ve composed (if they agree) for the person to use or to supplement.

Gather your first-degree connections to whom you provided services

If you use Sales Navigator, you can create a list of your clients in advance, which will make it easier for you to add only your clients to the campaign for recommendation requests.

Alternatively, you can include all 1st-degree contacts and then remove those with whom you have not worked in the campaign.

Select “Queue” → “+Add”.

How to request a recommendation on LinkedIn add people to Queue

Choose the appropriate source. We will gather all the clients who are already in our network.

How to request a recommendation on LinkedIn add users from my network page
How to request a recommendation on LinkedIn collect users from your network

After collecting the contacts, you need to leave only those from whom you want to request a recommendation. Go to “Queue” → “Lists.” You can search for people by company name if you want to find former colleagues. Or, if you have many contacts who are clients but not all of them, you can select all profiles and then uncheck the ones you don’t need. Then, delete the selected profiles from the campaign by clicking on the trash icon.

How to request a recommendation on LinkedIn delete irrelevant users from campaign

Click on “Start campaign.” Soon you will notice responses in your inbox and new recommendations on your profile.

Thank everyone who left you a recommendation in a private message

When you see that people are leaving recommendations, don’t forget to thank them!

Hi [Client’s Name],

I wanted to reach out and express my sincere gratitude for the recommendation you provided on my LinkedIn profile. Your support and kind words mean a lot to me, and I truly appreciate the time and effort you took to write it.

I’m thrilled to hear that you were satisfied with my services, and it was a pleasure working with you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything I can do for you in the future.

For more information on the process, please refer to the manuals provided.

Great LinkedIn recommendation examples for a recruiter & more

In this section, you’ll find examples of recently written recommendations for different positions. We analyzed why these texts are effective and what takeaways you can glean from them.

Great LinkedIn recommendation examples for a recruiter

We analyzed what top recruiters write in their recommendations. The recommendations provided are well-written for a number of reasons, including their positive tone, specific examples, and clear language.

The first recommendation for Jessica provides clear examples of her positive impact on the team, highlighting her mentorship and ability to build relationships quickly. The language is concise and specific, such as “Her mentorship not only made me a stronger Sourcer at Meta, but also more confident in myself.” The recommendation also emphasizes Jessica’s talent as a Sourcer, Recruiter and Leader, and her consistent top performance.

great linkedin recommendation examples for recruiter principal at meta

The second recommendation for Amy has a more casual tone, but still manages to convey a strong sense of admiration and respect for her recruiting skills. The recommendation includes specific examples of how Amy has helped the author, such as treating him “like a normal human” despite being at a smaller company. The recommendation also emphasizes Amy’s honesty and straightforward approach, stating “She will be brutal with you, but she does know best.”

great linkedin recommendation examples for recruiter from client

The third recommendation for Leah emphasizes her ability to quickly adapt to a new role and improve processes within the organization. The language is specific, such as “she jumped straight into recruiting for these roles as if she had been doing it for years” and “she was not afraid to find her voice on our team and help implement process improvements.” The recommendation also highlights Leah’s networking skills and ability to build lasting relationships with hiring managers.

great linkedin recommendation examples for recruiter from amazon recruiter

Overall, each recommendation is well-written because it provides specific examples and a clear assessment of the individual’s strengths and contributions. The language is also positive and enthusiastic, emphasizing the impact each individual has had on their team or organization.

LinkedIn recommendation for a colleague

As we recall from recruiters’ feedback, this type of recommendation carries the least weight. They tend to look like statements of solidarity rather than an ode to your work.

But we review one sample LinkedIn recommendation that can be one of the great examples for recommending a colleague. 

great linkedin recommendation examples for recruiter

The recommendation for Yatin Patel is well-written because it provides specific examples of his accomplishments and qualities as a Product Manager, while also highlighting his positive impact on the organization and his personal relationships with colleagues.

However, the recommendation also shows Yatin’s softer skills as a leader, such as his ability to build and maintain an open and collaborative environment for new ideas to form. The recommendation emphasizes Yatin’s advocacy for a “frictionless and gratifying developer experience” and his care for and attention to his peers and employees.

LinkedIn recommendation for a software engineer

In recommendation #1, the author provides specific examples of Ilya’s qualities, stating that he is “hard-working” and “responsible” and always suggests “ways to tackle problems or come up with ideas when there’s a room for new solutions in the project.” The author also notes that Ilya is “easy to work with” and knows “how to deal with [new tasks and challenges] in the best possible manner.” These details provide a clear picture of Ilya’s work style and approach to problem-solving, and demonstrate how he adds value to any project.

great linkedin recommendation examples for a software engineer

In recommendation #2, the author describes Kathleen’s management style in detail, noting that she creates a “high-trust, high-autonomy environment” and is able to “meet her reports where they are – helping them grow both their teams and as individuals.” The author also provides specific examples of Kathleen’s success in growing her organization and developing her team members, including first-time managers and those with more than a decade of experience. These details demonstrate Kathleen’s leadership skills and ability to create a supportive work environment, and show how she has helped others to succeed in their roles.

great linkedin recommendation examples for a software engineer

In recommendation #3, the author highlights Martha’s strengths in communication and inclusiveness, noting that her “explanations are always exciting to listen to because they’re so clever, yet so simple” and that she brought “very positive energy to the team/company.” The author also mentions Martha’s technical expertise in React and React Native and her contribution to the team’s work on Android/iOS/Web app. These details demonstrate Martha’s versatility and ability to add value in multiple areas, as well as her positive impact on team dynamics.

great linkedin recommendation examples for a software engineer


to get tips you are interested in

LinkedIn recommendation for a product manager

All three of these recommendations are well-crafted because they are detailed, specific, and provide concrete examples of the recommended individual’s accomplishments and strengths. They also show a thorough understanding of the person’s skill set and how it contributed to their respective companies.

In recommendation #1, the writer commends Dan for his adaptability, broad business sense, and expertise in product management. The writer explains how Dan’s guidance helped to clarify the company’s product strategy, roadmap, and agile delivery processes. The writer also adds, “I’d work with him, learn from, in any capacity that you can! Thanks for all the support Dan.” This recommendation highlights Dan’s professional skills and team-player mentality.

LinkedIn recommendation for a product manager from client

In recommendation #2, the writer describes Yatin as a top-tier leader with contagious passion for people and products. The writer notes Yatin’s engineering background, which allows him to grasp the technology behind products, and his communication skills, which help him articulate complex concepts to stakeholders. The writer also mentions Yatin’s dedication to continuous learning, stating, “something that I picked up from him.” This recommendation showcases Yatin’s leadership skills, technical knowledge, and strong work ethic.

LinkedIn recommendation for a product manager from senior

In recommendation #3, the writer explains how Joni helped the company redefine what a product manager meant for their team based on the actual current state of the business and its needs. The writer acknowledges Joni’s expertise in product management and her ability to guide the company through the hiring process. The writer concludes by saying, “Joni was an absolute pleasure to work with and we ultimately hired the best Product Manager for our team and [are] very excited for him to start with us! I would highly recommend Joni and her work!” This recommendation highlights Joni’s contributions to the company, including her ability to assess the team’s needs and find the right fit for the job.

LinkedIn recommendation for a product manager from client

These recommendations are effective because they clearly demonstrate the recommended individuals’ skills and achievements, and provide concrete examples of how they have benefited their companies. They show a deep understanding of the person’s strengths and how they contribute to the overall success of the team.

LinkedIn recommendation sample trends

After studying numerous examples, we’ve identified several trends for writing recommendation text in 2023. It’s essential to make it as relevant as possible!

Personalization: Recommendations are becoming increasingly personalized and tailored to the specific skills and experiences of the individual being recommended.

Emphasis on skills: There is a growing emphasis on highlighting specific skills and areas of expertise in recommendations, rather than simply providing general praise.

Results-oriented: Recommendations are increasingly focused on tangible results achieved by the individual being recommended, rather than simply their personality or work ethic.

Conversational tone: LinkedIn recommendations are often more effective when they are written in a conversational tone. Avoid using overly formal language and write as if you were speaking to the person directly.

End with a recommendation: Be sure to end your recommendation with a clear endorsement of the person’s skills and abilities. This could be something as simple as saying that you would recommend them for any relevant position or project.

Multilingual recommendations: With the increasing globalization of the workforce, recommendations in multiple languages are becoming more common, allowing individuals to showcase their skills to a wider audience.

Data-driven recommendations: There is a growing trend towards data-driven recommendations, with individuals leveraging analytics and data to provide a more objective assessment of an individual’s skills and potential.

LinkedIn recommendation template

While we provide ready-made recommendation templates for different scenarios, we recommend utilizing the creative process outlined in this article with the help of ChatGPT and your personal experience. Generic phrases and copied LinkedIn recommendation template text are less valuable to the recommendation’s recipient.

#1 Product Management Expertise Template

During their time at [Company], [Name] quickly helped elevate our [specific area of expertise] practices. Their deep experience and knowledge in [related skill or field] helped clarify our [specific strategy or process], resulting in [impact or outcome]. [Name] also demonstrated adaptability and broad business sense, which was incredibly valuable for our fast-growing company. [Name] is a proficient and fun professional to work with and I highly recommend them for any capacity.

#2 Hiring Consultant Template

We knew we needed to bring in [specific expertise or role] at [Company], but weren’t sure where to start until we met [Name]. With their expertise and guidance, we were able to identify the type of resource we needed, write the job description, and even create an exercise/assessment to evaluate candidates. What stood out most was how [Name] helped us realize what we thought we needed wasn’t actually what the business needed. [Name] worked with us to redefine [specific role or responsibilities] and align it with our current business needs. Working with [Name] was an absolute pleasure, and we ended up hiring the best candidate for our team. I highly recommend [Name] and their work.

#3 Impactful Mentor and Leader Template

[Name] has been one of the most impactful people I’ve worked with. Their mentorship and guidance not only made me a stronger [specific role], but also more confident in myself. [Name] has a strong ability to build relationships quickly, lead with empathy, and identify the root cause of problems. They are a talented [specific role or responsibilities] and consistently demonstrated an ability to anchor on priorities that are central to the success of the team.

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