linkedin auto message

Safe ways to set up LinkedIn messaging automation 2023

Margarita Servar
Margarita Servar
Content manager
linkedin auto message

Safe ways to set up LinkedIn messaging automation 2023

Margarita Servar
Margarita Servar
Content manager
Blog Leadgen tips Safe ways to set up LinkedIn messaging automation 2023

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If you have already started generating leads on LinkedIn, you may have noticed that the market potential on this site is impressive. Using this social network, you can directly contact the heads of companies, sales managers, or recruiters, depending on your goal.

Remember how you set up search filters to find the right target audience. Even by specifying the criteria, you may find that there are more than a few thousand targeted leads in the search results. Now imagine that you need to go to everyone’s profile and send them a connection request. Of course, before that you should carefully put likes on their content to warm them up, and after they accept, don’t forget to send everyone a private message. Such tasks, if done by hand, could take several weeks of daily monotonous work. That’s why it’s essential to know how to send automated messages on LinkedIn in 2023, when robots are our best assistants. 

how to send automated messages on LinkedIn

In addition, when you send these messages, you would need to use the lead’s name and mention your common connections or other reason for establishing contact. These important but time-consuming repetitive actions are elementary for a robot. Therefore, modern tools for automating drip campaigns like Linked Helper will take over the expansion of your business in this social network. 

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LinkedIn messaging automation tools are the future of lead gen

“What exactly can be automated?” – you may ask. 

Here are some of the actions Linked Helper can automate for you. 

  • Sending messages and follow-ups via LinkedIn – It works like a bulk messaging tool. That is, by simply adjusting the settings for personalization and for the text of the messages, you can reach thousands of users. Moreover, the messages will not be sent to everyone on the same day, but the tool will imitate the work of a person and observe the limits of the social network.
  • LinkedIn connection request automation may be the only option to send private messages to large numbers of users because you can only write to those who are your connections or common members of a group.
  • Auto Interactions – This step involves putting likes and comments on the publications of your target audience. It will help you constantly get their attention through notifications, which can be critical especially before sending a connection request. Your presence on the social network and attention to content can become a factor in building trust of your target customers.
  • Automatic Free InMails – Few people know that you can send InMails for free, even from a basic LinkedIn account. But this will definitely require a smart tool for InMail automation because you first need to select only users with “Open Link” status. 
  • Follow-up via LinkedIn message  – This may be even more efficient than an auto-reply. Sometimes users read a message but forget to reply to you. Therefore, by adding a second message in advance, you can be sure that you have done your best for outreach.

In addition, you can automate endorsing skills and inviting leads to follow your business profile or join an event. Next, we will tell you what the advantages are of using auto drip campaigns through Linked Helper. 

LinkedIn auto messages for newbies: all you need to know

Why automation can rock your business & grow sales

A smarter and more advanced automation tool like Linked Helper will help you not just complete one narrow task but streamline the entire process of marketing and lead generation on LinkedIn. In fact, it can be simple and bring you thousands of new customers or find motivated employees.

#1 You can choose a narrow segment who really needs your services

The whole principle of automation in Linked Helper begins with the analysis and selection of the audience. This is the top of your funnel and they will always show up in the Queue section of the current campaign. You can use all available LinkedIn filters to collect people. This can be done through a basic profile or the advanced options in Sales Navigator or Recruiter. After collecting the audience, you can refine it and leave only the desirable leads in the Queue section (or download them for further processing in Excel).

#2 You can scrape absolutely all data 

This is an important feature of Linked Helper, especially if you want to keep track of leads, study texts from their pages, or sort people by skills. This lead database will help you develop pitches for each segment in more detail. In addition, scraping in the software will let you get the messages you sent and received as part of your campaigns in CSV format. You can also quickly gather information about organizations with all the details that are written in the company profiles on LinkedIn. Read about Using LinkedIn web scrapers to extract valuable data in 2023. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator export leads to Excel   

#3 You can create a sequence of actions that will gradually lead to a sale

By building a chain of actions, you can develop the process of lead generation or recruitment according to your strategy, without the need to constantly check the results in your LinkedIn profile. In addition, you will get more replies to your outreach messages, as you can set up warm-up actions, such as putting likes and endorsing clients/employees, in advance. Explore How to run e-commerce drip campaigns through LinkedIn to convert 10X more

#4 All successfully processed leads and responses will be managed in the CRM

If you work on LinkedIn without automation, then with a large flow of clients, leads, or applicants, you can get lost in chats and replies, even if you use the most advanced Sales Navigator. And if you cancel your membership in this solution, your lead lists will become unavailable. In contrast, with Linked Helper you can download collections and lists of users (which is impossible to do in Sales Navigator without a third-party application). Learn more about  LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraper.

best tool to save leads when working through the Linkedin Sales Navigator  

#5 You can keep the personal and human touch in every auto-action

Despite the smart delegation to the robot, no one will guess that it’s not you writing to them because Linked Helper offers an improved interface for the ultimate in personalization. For example, you can set up message variants that people will receive depending on the presence or absence of certain variables, and you can add custom variables to the software yourself for this purpose. You can also add personalized pictures and links to messages through integration with Uclic.

Types of software to send an automated message on LinkedIn

If you are looking for an assistant for lead generation in the form of software, you can find many services – extensions, scrapers, or other multi-functional tools. It is easy for a beginner to make a mistake here because not all developers can guarantee the safety of working with their tool. Therefore, we decided to briefly tell you why you should not trust new tools or those where you find few reviews. Read a detailed breakdown of automation software types and find out why Linked Helper offers a reliable and time-tested algorithm.

#1 Browser extensions

You can buy and download these extensions from your browser’s store. It’s simple and fast – in fact, Linked Helper started out as a similar extension. But from a security point of view, this is the least advantageous option. That’s because primitive extensions embed code when running on a social network page, which can be quickly recognized as automation. Therefore, we do not recommend scraping and sending auto messages through such services. In addition, the capabilities of these tools are usually limited to a narrow task (only parsing) or they are more primitive than in separate software. Also, you won’t find the option to continue the auto-actions without launching the browser, due to the nature of the extension software.

#2 Cloud-based tools 

Services that work on the principle of the cloud can be more functional than extensions. However, this technology cannot guarantee that LinkedIn will not see the work of automation. The fact is that such programs usually send API requests to get the content of the page (for example, if you are scraping data). Having received such requests from the service, the social network mechanism can distinguish them from requests that it receives when a person works through a browser. Therefore, many cloud-based tools can cause warnings or get you blocked.

Why Linked Helper is the safest way to automate actions

Linked Helper went through many rounds of automation detection as it grew. This helped us to create the most secure automation system based on the browser that users download on their PC. When you launch the program, you will need to sign in and have a LinkedIn account. And when you start working, you will see a native browser window where you can open several tabs. Only in this browser, all actions will magically occur without your clicks after the start of the campaign. The Linked Helper navigation on the page is not different from a regular user, creating unique fingerprints for each account you want to work with.

How to use the LinkedIn message automation tool

Spoiler: It’s much easier than if you want to contact people through the mailing window in the desktop version or through the application.

#1 Study the target segment & create a client base

This is an important first step in every campaign. The success of the campaign and the speed of its implementation will depend on how clearly you identify the audience. Because it is not rational to spend campaign actions on interactions with low-quality leads.

linkedin automated messaging

To get started, you can build a database of leads. You can parse profiles from the search pages of any LinkedIn product, a group, an event, or those users who liked you. Or you can simply specify the link to the desired page in the parser.

You can choose to collect and analyze the target audience with the  action “Visit and Extract.” By visiting each profile, the tool can also aggregate an email database of your 2nd and 3rd degree contacts (which cannot be done without automation).

After downloading the file with leads, you can open it to work in Excel and clean the database of undesirable leads. For example, you can sort them by skills, interests, or industry.

#2 Download a reliable bot

Linked Helper is a service that you can test for 14 days without paying for it. It’s compatible with all existing LinkedIn solutions, which opens up more features. But even in 14 days, you can test the auto message sender bot or generate a lead database. 

You will need to enter your profile through the software after downloading. You can also add multiple accounts if you want to run multiple campaigns at once to increase your reach.

#3 Start a Campaign

In Linked Helper, you can create an empty campaign or use pre-built templates with appropriate actions already entered. In an empty campaign, you can add the actions you need.

Here are examples of ready-made campaigns for which you will only need to enter an indication of the leads (you may upload the CSV with links to the audience after sorting in Excel).

linkedin auto message sender bot

If you want to start a Bulk Messaging Campaign, we suggest you start by expanding your network of contacts. This way you can write to more people.

#4 Choose a campaign for auto messages

Linked Helper has made it easy for users looking for how to send an auto message. You can use one of the templates based on LinkedIn marketing techniques:

Messaging sequence

This is the standard option to write to everyone who is already in your network of contacts. You can specify particular users or add a table with links to them. After sending the first message, the “Check for replies” action will immediately be added and, if desired, you can immediately set up a follow-up message. The unique feature of the follow-up is that it will be sent only to those who did not answer the first message. That is, this message is your second attempt to interest the recipient. And it’s convenient that you don’t have to remember to do it, because the software will automatically send the message.

Also, all responses you receive from this campaign will be saved in the Replied section.

linkedin auto message

From here you can also download responses and users by highlighting them. You will receive a CSV file.

InMail sequence

In the template with InMail, you can specify three message texts. All users will receive the first message. The second message can only be sent to those who have accepted or replied to the previous one. According to the rules for sending InMails, you can write again only if you received a response to the first message – we have revealed all the details of how it works in a detailed guide. You can also set text for a third message in the thread.

Message sequence via event

This action will help you connect with leads immediately after an event, which will dramatically increase your chances of converting. You can add prepared message texts to this campaign. But according to the rules, such messages do not come to the main inbox, but to the Message Request Inbox. Therefore, upon acceptance of the request, the software can send a follow-up.

Message sequence via group 

Similar to an event, you can automatically send bulk messages to common group members. Therefore, before creating such a campaign, think about what groups may be relevant for the target segment and join these groups. Even those who are not your contact will receive messages, but again it will not be in the general chat but in the Message Requests (which can reduce the open rate).

The Linked Helper auto tool can also send a message which leads will get right after connecting. This message can be sent as part of an “Invite & Follow-up” campaign. That is, everyone who accepts your connection request will receive the scheduled message immediately after acceptance. This can be a welcoming presentation, revealing the details of what you mentioned in the invitation message.

#5 Design your pitch with personalization in mind

Linked Helper gives you the flexibility to choose personalized words and strings for each lead. You can even insert an image and a link to the landing page, where the creative link will use the lead’s name, position, and more. Read our article about the description of logical functions in the blog.

Interchangeable variables

You can add any variable to the CSV file and magically see it in the CRM, action, or campaign. It can be the name of an event or a conference, or even an offer for each segment.

Logical operators

This feature allows you to use different text strings depending on whether a variable is present or not. For example, if there is an event name in the table, the software uses it. If there is no event name in the table, then it uses another version of the text that you write.

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Uclic for images & links

Working with the third-party service Uclic will help you create almost an advertising banner in the body of the message. Posts with pictures and links can be a hit because they will stand out from everyone else – use memes and individually personalized CTAs to get more clicks.

Read how to set up Uclic in our article.

Creating message text can be tricky. To avoid guessing the thoughts of customers and instead rely on their actual needs, we advise you to start by researching their profiles and collecting a database with their bios, skills, and experiences. After establishing your offer and USP, proceed with writing the copy.

Important: do not sell directly in the first message. Sales through this social network are built on friendship and the desire to solve problems and help each other. Therefore, texts from cold emails will not be applicable in this situation. Read examples of messages for all occasions in the article.

#6 Track response rate

In Linked Helper, you’ll see simple stats that will show you how well your posts are performing in each campaign. You can create several variations of campaigns as a test to find out what the audience responds to best.

linkedin automated messaging

Is it safe to automate LinkedIn connection requests & messages? 

By the time you read this article, you may have encountered several concerns about automation – that it’s not safe, that the software makes mistakes, or that people will immediately realize that you are using the software.

In fact, many of these warnings and negative experiences that people have had can be explained by the choice of low-quality software. Remember that browser extensions, like software that works through API requests, cannot be safe.

LinkedIn uses user behavior analytics to notice automated actions. But a session through Linked Helper looks something like this for the system: you open a browser and log in to your profile, open a search page, enter a person’s name, head to messages and start typing each character. You can witness that the software works this way because each action is visible step by step on the screen. 

  • Based on the described behavior recognition methods, it is most important that the account is not new. Therefore, we advise you to warm up the profile before working in Linked Helper. Start with 5-10 daily activities and increase gradually. 
  • Create non-trivial pitches. Because if you send the same auto-messages to everyone, you’ll get a spam complaint sooner rather than later. Yes,  LinkedIn users are used to seeing the same type of automatic text. If your connection message includes an interesting offer, people will not mark you as spam. So escape obvious templates like – Hi, John. I see your work in the company {name}.
  • Follow social media rules. Often, systems recognize automation when people start doing 500 actions a day abruptly. In Linked Helper, you can manually set a daily activity limit (depending on account maturity and how many months/years you use auto activities). 200 actions per day is typically a safe limit – even if you’re not using automation.
  • Be careful with links. You can send links through the software, but you should not do it right away, for example in a message with an invite. According to the article, LinkedIn tracks links more carefully.

Learn more safe automation tips in our blog post – Escape LinkedIn jail: security tips & automation risks


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